Summer Love

Hey this is my first Movella. I hope you like it!

Everything was perfect.Or at least that's how she made it seem. Abby was dating the captian of the football (American football) team. She had caught him cheating on her a few times before this, but she was alone, so she pretended she didn't see anything.. One day Abby and Sarah were walking in the park. They found Tommy making out with some random slut on a park bench.


4. Tears, Park Benches, and Old Friends

"Abby?" Louis asked.


"What happened? Why'd you run off like that?" His eyes were full of concern.

"Because. Niall asked me how old I was.." I said.

"Why is your age a problem?" He was totally confused.

"Because I'm sixteen Louis! I've had a HUGE crush on Niall sense the meet and greet. Yes, I've always been a Niall girl, but at the meet and greet I got to know the real Niall James Horan. Amd unfortunatly for me I fell for him. As soon as he finds out my age, he's not going to want to talk to me again. Because in his eyes, I'm just a kid. In your eyes, I'm a kid. To all of you, I'm just a stupid kid!"

He just looked at me. His eyes wide in shock, his mind trying to comprehend everything I just told him.

"Abby. To me, You're not just a kid. You're like a sister to me. We hung out a  lot the day of the meet and greet and the boys and I love you like our little sister. And I know for a fact Niall has a crush on you. I can tell my the way he looks at you. He's got this shimmer in his eyes when you're with him. I think you need to tell him though."

"Ugh. Fine. Will you carry me back to the hotel?"

He groaned and carried me the 1/2 mile back to the hotel. What a good big brother!



When we finally made it back to the hotel I started having an anxiety attack. So many thoughts were running through my mind.


What if he didn't want to be around me anymore?


What if he was mad at me for runing off likie that?


What if he hates me?

I was snapped out of my thoughts wshen I felt my feet touch the ground. I realized we were in the lobby of the hotel. I stood there, frozen. I didn't want to face Niall and have to actually answer his question. Louis grabbed my wrist and tried pulling me to the elevator but I wouldn't budge. It was like my feet were glued to the floor. He picked me back up and slung me over his shoulder and carried me to the elevator. Once we were inside I heard a fermialliar voice call out


"Hey! Hold the eleavator please!!"


When he stepped into the eleavator I recognized him almost immediately. It was my middle school friend, and former crush, Wyatt. In seventh grade we had two classes together. Language Arts and Computer. We talked a lot and became close friends. Then I told my friend Audrey my feelings for him and she got him to confess his feelings for me. His true feelings for me. Which apparently he liked me as much as I liked him. Unfortunately for us we didn't find out how the other felt until the last month of school so he never asked me out. Then he moved away over summer and we never saw each other again. Until today.


"Abby? Is that you?" He asked hesitantly.

"In the flesh." I said with a shy smile.

"Wow! Its been forever sense I saw you last. How have you been?" He said with a wide smile.

"Um. I've been good. How have you been?" I asked with a smile faker than Nicki Minaj's ass.

"I've been good. But you dont have to pull that fake smile shit with me Abby. I can see right through it. Now. How have you really been?" He said.

I sighed wishing my fake smile worked on him like it did everyone else.

"Well umm IO don't think right now would be an appropreate time to discus that. But I'd like to introduce to my friend Louis Tomlinson." I said motioning to Louis who was watching us talk with a very confused expression on his face.


"Hey Louis, I'm Wyatt." He said shaking Lou's hand.

"Hello." Louis said.

"Are you Abby's boyfriend or...?" Wyatt asked Louis while his eyes flickered between the two of us.

"No. Louis is like my brother." I said with a forced giggle.

"Oh. So you're single?" He asked

"Uh yeah." I said awkwardly.

"Well I'd love to catch up sometime. I'm moving back to Miami once the school year is over so I'm sure I'll be seeing you again. Here, I'll give you my number so you can text me or call whenever you need me. Okay?"

so we exchaged numbers in the elevator with an awkward Louis chilling in the corner trying to figure out who the hell Wyatt was to me.

"Louis. Wyatt is my crush from two years ago." I said simply when we walked out of the elevator and into the hallway. He didn't say anything. Just nodded. We walked to the door of Niall's hotel room. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. I heard a sigh and foot steps making their way to the door. Niall opened the door. I looked up into his sad blue eyes. They seemed to sparkle a little when he saw that it was me who was at his door.

"Sixteen." was the only word that was able to come out of my mouth before i fell to the floor, put my head in my hands, and cried. Niall knelt down and pulled me into his lap. Holding me tightly to his chest. We sat like that for a while. until I stopped crying andd pulled away from him, wiping my eyes. He looked down at me, his eyes were full of sadness. His usually crystal blue eyes, filled with happiness, sparkiling in the sunlight seemed to be a cloudy gray.

"Abby. I don't care about the age difference between us. I was just asking because a girl your height and age should weigh 132 at least. You weigh 96 pounds. Thats way too little for a sixteen year old girl. Have you been eating lately?" He asked. I could tell he was genuinely concerned. Which is why I couldn't tell him I was still anorexic. He'd make me eat. My goal was 90 pounds. I couldn't eat more. It's bad enough I ate that meal from McDonalds.

"Yeah. Remember I ate McDonalds earlier? When I was anorexic just thinking about McDonalds would make me want to puke my guts out." I said.

"Okay. Good. I don't want you going anorexic again."

Wow. I actually fooled him. I thought. I'm actually going to get away with this.


At the time though, I didn't know Louis was on to me.



Hey guys. Sorry I haven't updated in FOREVER!! Please don't hate me. I know this chapter is shit but forgive me. I made some changes to chapter 3 so please go check that out! Thank you for reading and putting up with my horrid update habits. Xx

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