Summer Love

Hey this is my first Movella. I hope you like it!

Everything was perfect.Or at least that's how she made it seem. Abby was dating the captian of the football (American football) team. She had caught him cheating on her a few times before this, but she was alone, so she pretended she didn't see anything.. One day Abby and Sarah were walking in the park. They found Tommy making out with some random slut on a park bench.


6. Mental Hospital?!

Wyatt and I made plans to go bowling and then to the beach. I was really excited to hang out with him agiain sence I hadn't seen him in about three years. I was sitting on the couch just thinking about everything that has happened in the past few days.

Catching Tommy cheating in the park, cutting in the park, seeing Niall and the boys again, bitching out Tommy at the park, McDonald's, going back to the park, Louis showing up at the park, seeing Wyatt in the elevator, telling Niall my age, the boys taking my phone, tackiling Lou, and making plans with Wyatt.

It had been a busy two days .

I was exausted and hungry. The thought of my bullimia and anorexia made me cringe and the thought of food made me want to puke my guts out. But I was starving, so I did the worst possible thing I could do. I binged.

(Binge eating is an eating disorder in which a person eats a much larger amount of food in a shorter period of time than he or she normally would. During binge eating, the person also feels a loss of control.)

I was overcome by hunger. My eyes glossed over and my mind was cloudy. I ran into the kitchen, opened the fridge and devouered someone's left over Nando's, three cheese sticks, mashed potatos, and four slices of pizza. As my eyes returned to normal and my mind cleared up I realized what I had done. My eyes widened in horror and shock. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom spilling my guts into the cold ceramic toilet.

Louis came in the bathroom and held my hair and rubbed soothing circles on my back. After about two minutes of puking I felt better but I knew there was still some food left in my stomach. I got up off the floor and brushed my teeth.

"Would you like some Gatorade to settle your stomach love?" Louis asked. I nodded. As soon as I knew Louis was down stairs I shoved my pointer finger down my throat causing me to gag and throw up anything that happened to be left.

I did that a few more times until nothing but stomach acids were coming up. I got up and wiped my mouth with the small washcloth that was on the counter. I brushed my teeth again and rinsed my mouth out. When I turned around I saw all five boys standing there with sad looks on their faces. Except Louis.

His expression was a mixture of sad and disappointed. I knew they all probably stood there and watched me purge (purge is another word for puke) but they didn't say anything or try to stop me. I stared at all of them for a little while.

When I couldn't take their stares anymore I walked out of the room. Right passed all of them grabbing the cup of Gatorade out of Louis' hand on my way. I went into Niall's room and grabbed my bags and my phone and walked to the door. I turned around and looked at the five boys sitting on the couch in front of the TV watching me.

I turned around and opened the door. No one said anything. No one tried to keep me from leaving. They all just watched. I was crazy I think they actually cared about me. Crazy to think they actually wanted to help me. Crazy to think that they actually wanted to hang out with me.

I mean, who would want to be around a girl who is depressed, cuts, binge eats, and has both bulimia and anorexia? If I were them, I wouldn't want to be around me either. Just as I stepped out the door someone spoke up.

"Abby. Please don't leave. We love you and we don't want you to continue harming your body."

That voice. The voice I would know from a mile away if he was just whispering. The voice that flows smoothly. The voice accompanied by the most amazing accent I have ever herd in my life. The voice that belonged to Niall Horan.

I turned around. Tears brimming my eyes making my vision blurry. All the boys pretty much looked the same. Even Zayn was crying. He was trying to hide it but we all knew he was. Louis wasn't trying to hide his tears. He was letting them flow freely down his cheeks.

"Abby. You need help. You haven't gotten over your anorexia and its getting worse. Now you don't just have one eating disorder, you have three. That's a problem. And you still self harm which is also a major issue. We've already talked to your mother and she agreed that you need help. So together we've decided that it would be best for you that you go to Shady Woods Hospital & Rehabilitation Center" (Note: I have no fucking clue if that is a real place.) Liam explained calmly.

"WHAT!? YOU'RE SENDING ME TO A MENTAL HOSPITAL?!?! This is fucking ridiculous. I'm NOT going there. And guess fucking what. You can't make me. I refuse to go. And there's not a dick you can do about it." Liam cringed at my choice of words. The rest of the boys didn't seem to notice, or care.

"Abby. It's for your own good that you go. Your mother agrees with us. You don't have a choice. You're going." Harry said trying to be assertive.

"Hmm. Lets see, last time I checked, you guys weren't my legal guardians. Therefore you can't make me do shit."

"No we can't. But your mother can. And she has people coming here to pick you up in about thirty minutes so its a good thing you're already packed. That makes things a bit easier." Zayn said, motioning to my bags.

"So glad the five guys that 'love and care about me' are letting my mom ship me off to a mental hospital. I thought you actually cared. Obviously you couldn't care less. I don't belong there. It's a lost cause. I'm not going to get better because I don't want to. I want to be skinny, not healthy. Besides, beauty hurts." I said shrugging.

They just stood there. Staring at me like I was a freak. Which, to be fair, is correct. I am a freak. I'm an abomination. My mind is a monster. Slowly eating me away. I'm helpless because I don't want help.

"SHIT!" I yelled.

"I have a date with Wyatt in about an hour. And I'm going. So fuck you and the stupid hospital. I'm going." I said running to the bathroom with my bags.

"A date? Oooo!! Where are you going??" Louis yelled after me.

"If I told you, you'd send those dickheads who are supposed to pick me up after me. I'm not an idiot." I said rolling my eyes, even though no one could see me.

"HEY! Don't you roll your eyes at me missy!" He yelled. I giggled at how well he knew me. I'm gonna miss him. He was like my brother. He's e closest thing I have to a brother.


So here's chapter 6.. Idk if I'm going to continue but here's something for ya.

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