Summer Love

Hey this is my first Movella. I hope you like it!

Everything was perfect.Or at least that's how she made it seem. Abby was dating the captian of the football (American football) team. She had caught him cheating on her a few times before this, but she was alone, so she pretended she didn't see anything.. One day Abby and Sarah were walking in the park. They found Tommy making out with some random slut on a park bench.


7. Date..?

When I was finished getting ready I looked at the clock on my phone. My date with Wyatt wasn't for another 15 minutes but I didn't want to risk the mental hospital guys coming early.

So I grabbed all my bags and walked out of the hotel without saying goodbye to the boys. I walked to the only place I could think of where people wouldn't make me go to a loony bin.

Sarah's house.

If anyone would understand it'd be her. When I got there I knocked I the door a few times and waited for someone to answer. I stood there for about a minute.

When no one came to the door I took the spare key out of its hiding place, under the small potted plant next to the door, and let myself in. I walked to Sarah's room and heard someone in the shower singing Rock Me.

I giggled at my best friend's horrible voice and put my bags down in her room. Then I decided to have a little fun and scare the shit out of her.

I stood next to the door and screamed at the top of my lungs and then laughed my ass off when her scream accompanied mine. I heard the water shut off and Sarah making her way out of the shower. She opened the door wrapped up in her towel holding her curling wand.

"Like that's gonna do a lot of damage." I said rolling my eyes.

"Actually it's plugged in so..." She said with a smirk.

"Bitch naw. Back the fuck up. I ain't getting burnt with that. Fuck. That." I said running back to her room, plopping my ass on her bed.

"So. Why are you here and why did you let yourself into my house? I thought I locked the door..?" She asked.

"Cause everyone I tryina make me go to a mental hospital and I figured, you're ma bitch so you wouldn't. Because I do what I want. You did lock it. I used the spare key." I said picking at the mint green nail polish on my finger nails.

"Oh yeah. About the mental hospital thing. See, your mom called me. She knew once the boys told you you'd run here. She explained to me what was going on and I think you should go. It could be good for you. And you really need to get that eating disorder and cutting shit figured out. It's not good Abby and I'm worried about you and your health. Which is slowly deteriorating because of the eating disorders." She said sighing.

"No. Not you too. I thought you'd be on my side. I thought you were my friend. I'm not doing this. I don't belong there. They should save the room for someone who deserves to get better, someone who wants to get better. Not me. I'm not going to get better. I don't want to get better, or be healthy. I want to be skinny. And like Tommy said, I'm a fat bitch."

I picked up my phone and walked out of the house. I walked to the bowling alley and called Wyatt.


Wyatt: "Hey Abby!"

Abby: "Hey. I'm at the bowling alley. But I was thinking maybe we could go the park instead of the beach.? Is that okay?"

Wyatt: "Yeah that's fine."

Abby: "Okay. See you soon. Bye."

Wyatt: "Bye."


I sat down on the bench in front of the building and waited for Wyatt to arrive. I felt someone watching me. I shrugged it off thinking I was just paranoid about the mental hospital people.

*Tommy's POV* (A/N Ooo!! I haven't done a Tommy POV yet! Well uh yeah. Love you thanks for reading you're perfect. Byee ;*)

Sarah called me and told me to come to her house. I wasn't exactly sure why but I did as she said. When I showed up she was sitting outside on the porch swing.

"Hey what's up?" I asked

"Well. Abby's mom just called me and told me that she's being taken to a mental hospital. Congradufuckinglations. This is all your fucking fault. Asshole." She spat in my face.

"W-what? A mental hospital?!"

"Yeah dickface. A mental hospital. Apparently she still fucking cuts. And has not one, but three eating disorders because of you. I hope you're fucking happy." She stood up and walked into her house. I just sat there. Trying to take in her words.

This dumb bitch has eating disorders?

This dumb bitch has eating disorders.

This dumbass motherfucking bitch has eating disorders!!

And it's all cause of me! I sat there, feeling totally satisfied with myself when I heard someone walking toward me.

I quickly hid in the bushes next to the garage. It was Abby. I sat in the bushes and listened to them yell at each other.

Next thing I knew Abby was slamming the door and walking down the street. I wanted to know where she was going so I followed her at a respectable distance so she didn't know I was there.

She finally stopped at a bowling alley..? I was really confused as to why she walked two and a half miles to a bowling alley.

But she sat down on a bench and took out her phone.

She was talking to someone but I couldn't hear the conversation. About 10 minutes later some guy showed up and he walked Abby inside.

All I heard was something about the park in two hours.

So I did what any one would if their dumbass anorexic ex was trying to avoid someone.

I called the person she was trying to avoid and told them to go to the park in two hours and fifteen minutes.

Abby's POV

Wyatt showed up about 10 minutes after I called him.

"So. We'll bowl for about two hours and then head to the park?" He asked.

"Sounds good!" I said smiling.

I still felt like I was being watched and I didn't like it. I looked over my shoulder to see if someone was behind us but no one was there. I shrugged my shoulders and walked inside.

Wyatt and I spent the next two hours bowling and goofing around like we used to. It was nice just to hang.

"So. Wanna go to the park now?" Wyatt asked when we finished our 3rd game.

"Sure!" I didn't really mind where we were going or what we were doing. As long as I was with someone who wouldn't ship me off to a mental hospital I was happy. We got to the park around 2. We decided to go sit on the swings like we used to do everyday after school. I really missed spending time with Wyatt. More than I realized actually.

He was so fun to be around and there was never a dull moment with him around. He kinda reminded me of Louis. He had this fun carefree attitude and I loved that. Maybe that's why I'm so close with Lou. Or I was anyway.

I quickly shook the thoughts of the boys out of my head. They would only upset me and I wanted to be able to enjoy my time with Wyatt. We got bored on the swings so we took a walk around the park when we got to the fountain in the center I noticed a fermiliar vehicle in the parking lot.

It belonged to Tommy.

I sighed knowing this date was about to go south. When I was about to turn around someone grabbed my wrist. It was a tall man in a nurse outfit that had the Shady Woods logo on it. My eyes widened in horror and realization. I couldn't run. They had me and all my stuff. Then I herd laughing coming from the other side of the fountain.

"Abby. Abby. Abby. You thought you could escape didn't you? Well guess what. You can't run from them now. It's time for your crazy ass to go where you belong. The mental hospital. You anorexic emo bitch." (A/N I hope none of you are offended by this. It's for story purposes only.) My eyes watered at his words but I didn't let the tears fall. I've never let him see me cry and I wasn't gonna now. I looked over at Wyatt for help. But he just stood there with a satisfied smirk on his face. What the hell is going on?!

Wyatt's POV

Tommy called my while I was getting ready for my date with Alyssa. I smirked at myself. I've got this bitch wrapped around my finger. She actually thinks I care about her. I'm just here to keep her away from that Niall guy for Tommy.

"Hey Tom what's up?"

"Wyatt. Slight change of plans. The guys from Shady Woods are gonna come pick Abby up at 2:15 at the fountain in the middle of the park. Got it?"

"Yeah man. I got it." I hung up the phone and called Abby.

Abby's POV

"What is going on? Wyatt. Why aren't you helping me?"I asked

"Oh Abby. Stupid naïve Abby. I don't like you I'm not your friend. I've hated you ever sense you rejected me for that Brandon idiot in 7th grade." He sneered. "You could've been with me. I would've given you everything you wanted. But you chose him over me." He gave me a cold glare. I stood there with my jaw to the ground.

"Oh my god. I totally forgot about that. I had a major crush on you. But Brandon just kinda swept me off my feet I guess."

"Yeah. And then when he came around you totally forgot about me. It hurt me so bad. My grades dropped and my mom thought if I switched schools they'd be better."

I looked at him with my mouth agape

"Oh my god Wyatt. I'm so sorry. I didn't realize. If I could go back and say yes to you I totally would. These past few hours with you have been absolutely amazing. I'm so so sorry." I said it was true too. All of it. I wished I would've said yes to him.

"Oh bullshit Abby. Stop acting like you care. You only care now because Brandon hurt you. I'm not stupid." He rolled his eyes.

The guy holding on to me was distracted so I took the opportunity to rip my arm from his grasp and run. I didn't know where I was going but it didn't matter. I was just overjoyed that I got away.


The sun was starting to set when I found myself in the parking lot of the auditorium where the One Direction meet and greet was held two short years earlier. I stood there staring at the building.

I wished I could go back to that day and relive it. It as the best day of my miserable pathetic life. I walked to the back of the building and climbed the small latter leading to the roof. When I got to the last step I pushed myself up and sat down watching the sun set.

It was beautiful. Blue, pink, orange, red, mixed up in the sky with, big cotton ball like, clouds randomly placed in the sky. When the sun was finally down I stayed put on the roof. Thinking about everything that had been going on.

No one wants me. The boys hate me, Tommy hates me, Wyatt hates me, my mom wants to ship me off to a crazy house, and so does my 'best friend', that's just their way of getting rid of me.

I have no one.

I am no one.

No one would care if I happened to 'fall' off the roof of this building. No one is even looking for me.

I'll never get another boyfriend. Who would want to date someone with disgusting self harm scars on their wrist? I'm an embarrassment and an inconvenience to everyone. I just cause problems.

Maybe I can stop the problems and make everything go away. It'll keep me from hurting my loved ones. And Niall and the rest of the boys won't have to worry about being responsible for me. If I just go away everyone's lives would be better.

I got up and walked to the side of the building and closed my eyes. I took a deep breath and



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~ Alyssa

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