Without You

Without him, I wouldn't be where I am now. Without him, I wouldn't be living my dream. Without him, I wouldn't have walked on that stage. -- Jennifer McCallister is just a regular 17 year old girl. Like any teenager, she had big dreams. When her best friend and his band mates, Liam Payne, persuades her to go on the x factor, she decides she would. When she does join, drama and tears start. But in the end, she knows, without that special person, she wouldn't be where she is now.


3. 3

"Welcome to the x factor!" Mario announced. I had to leave my boys, for the show, and I missed them so much. I called them every time.

"Here comes the amazing and beautiful, Jennifer McCallister," Cheryl said, once the second last act was over. My eyes shifted to the screen, where they showed footage of me.

"So what song do you think your gonna sing?" Cheryl asked.

"My idols have always been you or Cher Lloyd," I replied. Cheryl nodded her head.

"You should do Love Me For Me," she said. A smile played on my lips and I nodded. The next footage, was when I was singing, and when the song ended, high fives were returned. Next, was a footage of me on the phone with Niall.

My hair was in a messy bun, and I was playing with the hem of my shirt. Subtitles showed on the screen, as I talked on the phone.

"I miss you guys too," I said, sniffling.

"We miss you more, babe. You were amazing," Niall replied, as the others mumbled agreements.

"The other contestants seem to hate me, except Katie," I said, laughing under my breath. He chuckled.

"Their jealous," he replied. The footage when off, as well as the titles, then another footage came up, and a video of me played.

"Its on right?" I asked, looking confused.

"Yes its on," the voice of Katie said in the background.

"Oh good, I was publicly embarassed, Okay, so, Hi! Next week is going to be smashing. I'm gonna try my best, give it all I got," I said.

"Don't smash the stage though," Katie said, eating mash potatoes and sitting beside me.

"Shut up, Katie. Give me some mash," I said. She rolled her chocolate eyes.

"No," she replied.

"Katie!" I whined, as she ran away. The footage ended, as a big 'JENNIFER MCCALLISTER' appeared on the screen.

I walked onto the stage, my brown curls pinned to the side, I was wearing a purple dress, with black floral lace tights, and black heels. The music soon started, and I sang my favorite song by Cher Lloyd.

"The phone rings,

Don't wanna pick it up,

I'm so scared,

I'm gonna say to much,

I, tip toe around your questions, why you gotta dig so deep?"


As I ended the song, the judges were on their feet, clapping with the audience. Louis was the first to talk.

"I don't believe your 17," He started, as I erupted into laughter.

"Your not 17. Cause if you are, your not human. I don't believe it. Your an alien, simple," he said, turning his chair, and crossing his arms, as the others fell into laughter.

"Ignore Louis. You were amazing love," Dani said. I grinned.

"I agree with Dani. Even though i'm not your mentor, I would've been proud," Simon said, as Cheryl teasingly stuck out her tongue.

"Haha, I got the better one and you didn't!" she taunted, as I giggled. Simon rolled his eyes, as I walked off stage, being engulfed into a hug by my best friend, Katie.

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