Without You

Without him, I wouldn't be where I am now. Without him, I wouldn't be living my dream. Without him, I wouldn't have walked on that stage. -- Jennifer McCallister is just a regular 17 year old girl. Like any teenager, she had big dreams. When her best friend and his band mates, Liam Payne, persuades her to go on the x factor, she decides she would. When she does join, drama and tears start. But in the end, she knows, without that special person, she wouldn't be where she is now.


2. 2

- Jennifer McCallister -

My hands were shaking as Harry and Zayn groped it tightly. We were backstage. Yes, they actually persuaded me to get on the x factor. While i'm waiting, let me introduce you to me self.

I'm not ugly, really. I'm actually quite pretty. Heh, conceited? Yes. I need some self confidence, love. I have brown hair, that's naturally curly, and it has blonde highlights at the tips, pale skin with a touch of tan, my eyelashes were naturally long, much like Zayn's, but 2 cm longer, I'm 5'8, seductive green eyes and as the boys say, I have a body only girls could dream off.

"Jennifer McCallister!" a voice boomed, as my eyes widened. The boys patted my back before shoving me upstage. I was wearing blue skinny jeans, black lace up boots, a white top, and a red cardigan.

"Hello," Cheryl said.

"Hi," I said shyly into the mic.

"How old are you?" Dani asked.

"I'm 17, turning 18 in two weeks," I replied. They nodded.

"What will you be singing for us today?" Simon asked.

"Crazier, by Taylor Swift," I replied, as they nodded their heads. I blocked my mind out from everything, and opened my mouth, beginning to sing.

"I've never gone with the wind,

Just let it flow,

let it take me where it wants to go,"

As I finished, I swear I saw tears in Cheryl's eyes. "Wow," was the first thing that came out of her mouth. 

"Wow," she repeated.

"You put Taylor Swift to shame," she said, grinning. My lips curved into a smile, as a loud applause rang out from the audience.

"Well, I wouldn't agree with Cheryl," Louis started. The whole crowd boo'ed, as I bit my lip.

"Cause you put singers everywhere to shame," he added, a grin forming on his lips. I covered my mouth with the back of my hand.

Holy freaking Shit.

"Your amazing. Nuff said," Dani said. My eyes averted to Simon.

"I swear I could've cried right there-" he began, as the crowd laughed. "But I couldn't. Your so amazing, and you deserve this," Simon added. A tear dripped from my eye.

"Alright, Louis, yes or no?" Cheryl asked.

"Is that even a question? Your daft, YES!" He said, throwing his hands up, as I let out a small laugh.

"Yes for me," Dani said.

"Yes for me," Cheryl said, nodding her head.

"Congratulations, you got 4 yeses," Simon said. As soon as I got backstage, I was enveloped into a hug by 5 muscular arms.

"You were awesome!"

"You never told me you could sing like that!"

"Why didn't Simon say that about me?!"

"Amazing, love."

"Congratulations, hun."

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