Baron Amon La Croix sets off with his scribe, Aurelia to Silverthorn Ravine where a dynasty of vampires reside. His plan; be transformed into one himself in order to spare the life of his dying girlfriend, Elizabeth Cowell. After returning to his fief to discover Elizabeth had passed away not twenty four hours before his return, Amon seeks comfort from Aurelia who has taken the oath to serve him, regardless. However, seeking comfort from a girl who utterly terrified of what he has become isn't easy…


1. Foreword

I have taken the liberty of creating my own epidemic purely for the purpose of this story.

The people of Alcina fief suffered from Ossuary Paralysis, which is born from the dust of Crab's Eye plant festering with the rotting flesh of humans. The effects of Ossuary Paralysis begin with a spotted rash, dotted across the inner arm, hands, shoulder blades and legs. Once the spots begin to show, it is a sign of the toxins attacking the White Blood Cells and deactivating ribosomes. After the spots have existed on the skin from between three and twelve days, the skin will turn a dull yellow and flesh will begin to peel, appearing as though it is rotting. After the Flesh Rot has begun, and persisted for at least four days, victims are known to feel short of breath, feverish, dizzy, and unable to move – not to mention be in excruciating pain.
The final stage of this fatal epidemic occurs deep within the veins of who it inhabits, closing them and preventing blood flow.

Please note that Crab's Eye is an actual plant, of which is very lethal. For those of you who are not familiar with the term Ossuary, it as a room in which the bones of the deceased are kept. Somewhat of a mausoleum.

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