The lie within me which I still Believed

The lie which appeared the truth.. which made me believe the lying truth


1. The lie within me which I still Believed

The lies which appeared the truth, made me believe the lying truth. I told them when they mocked me " You will never understand our love", now, me, myself, today realise what is there to understand, a lie is a lie, with no beginning and no end, its beginning is its own end. Why do I still belive that there is some truth left in those lies, how can my head, tell me that there is still something left called love, how can my heart tell my head that there is hope, I know it. I can see it unblindly, like a baby sensing the sight of light for the first time out of its mothers womb, that there is no hope at all, there was nothing from the beginning, right from the start, then please tell me why, now that it has ended, why do I still feel that there is hope for us, feeling and knowing, which is stronger, whose side should I take? My heart beats unstoppable for you, whilst my blood flows so quick like the breath I take when your so close to me, or maybe my head which has killed me, my own soul, the moment realising the truth.

My heart feels you, my heart cries for you, with every breath you take, this heart here beats for it, it is you that keeps me alive. My memorys, our memorys. This head controls the smell for your sweet scent, controls my hearing for your voice that has led me to heaven, my control over you, how long can I be in control. I shall loose my sense of smell because your scent is too sweet for me, I shall die blindly when I gaze into your windows of heaven, and I shall go numb to my grave with the touch of your touch..

Exaggeration you shall call it, by the lord, I am only who witnesses this preview of paradise. If not my head, nor my heart loves you, it is me, I, who loves you. It can not be people to be my witness for my love, it can not be the world to be my witness for my love, it is not even God who can be my witness for my love, it is you, I swear upon, you, who I have and always declare myself and my love to till the day I shall die..


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