Imagine never knowing who you are or why you were put on earth. This is life for Sarah, a 13 year old girl who is much to different to ever fit in. But when the balance between her word and another is messed with she must find the strength to come out of the hidding and face her greatest fears.

This is my first Movella so please forgive me if there are mistakes or if it's not the best :)


2. Just another day

The day started off so normally and boringly. I got myself ready and waited untill the family was done eating and went down to get the food that Katlen hide for me in the reagular place. I couldn't wait for Katlen to come up to say good bye before going to her friends for the day and night because the cat traped me in a mouse hole. The cat, tigger is normally out of the house but Katlen's mom forgot to put her out but after an hour or so her dad put her out since he had work too. I took the little pully system elevator to get bake up stairs to the room and into my screte tunnel the cleaners can't find me in. I disiced to work on clean up in there since there was nothing really to do. I knew what to do based on the cleaners so I worked pretty well. I decied that I would build a room in there some day.

Hours later I became tired and very sleepy which isn't normal. I decied it was because of all the cleaning I had had be doing. I waited for the cleaners to leave then I jumped into my bed and lied down. After a few minutes I fell into a deep dreamless slumber. What I didn't notice before I went to sleep was a pair of eyes that had been following my every move for quite a few hours...

I am sorry my chapters are so short but I w ill try to update as much as I can :)
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