Imagine never knowing who you are or why you were put on earth. This is life for Sarah, a 13 year old girl who is much to different to ever fit in. But when the balance between her word and another is messed with she must find the strength to come out of the hidding and face her greatest fears.

This is my first Movella so please forgive me if there are mistakes or if it's not the best :)


1. Nightmares

It was all dark not even a hint of light. The walls were ever so slowly closing in on me like they wanted me to suffer. Somewhere out in the deep threating dark a vocie of a little girl was calling for me. I was confused, but I knew that I had to find that girl I just had to. I felt along the hard cold walls trying to find my way through the dark and as I did the walls started to close faster to the point they were practicly suficating me and I tryed to let out a scream so the girl knew I was there and-
I sat up with a jolt in my bed. My only friend, katlen was sitting at my side rubbing my back with her finger. "You okay? She picked me up in her hands and brought me up to her ear so I could respond. "I think so but I had the dream..", I whispered into her ear. She smiled calmly. " No worrys they will go away."
"How can you be sure.. I mean this is the forth time and all. What if they never go away?"
"They will Sarah they will." I closed my eyes to think about who I might be and why I am so so so small, to be exact I'm tumbalina sized. Katlen was the only humain I wasn't afraid of. She was a friend to me and shze was loyal. Katlen put me down went to go get ready for the day and so did I. My home, the only place I knew was safe from Katlen's mom and the rest of the world was a doll house that was old and rickety but also hidden. So that is were I went to get ready for anoth day of hidding for all my fears
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