Living While We're Young

About 2 best friends who meet the loves of their lives... It all starts with Savannah scoring 2 tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. That is when their lives change so much... From hate on twitter to insecurities in the relationship. Caitlin and Savannah's lives change for better and worse.


2. Romance and Hamburgers


**Authors note: For the sake of the story, me and Savannah will be 18**


-Caitlin's POV- 

"Sir, Please can we go to McDonalds? You know, the one on Rivers Avenue?" I asked. "Uh sure but do you want me to stay? I'm kind of in the mood for Taco Bell" Savannah's Dad replied. "No its fine.. We're meeting some friends there." Savannah added, batting her eyelashes and pouting her bottom lip. "Fine.. Text me when you want me to pick you up." We both Cheered in the back seat. 

-5 Minutes Later-

We pulled into the parking lot and said goodbye to Savannah's Dad. We rushed to the door and saw Paul. "Caitlin and Savannah to see the boys." I said. He motioned at the door and opened it for us. I saw Liam sitting at the back booth with a food tray with 2 Hamburgers. I rushed back there and said "Hey Leeyum!" He got up and hugged me before saying "Not the ideal first date but it will work" I turned bright red. "Date?" I asked, Smiling. "Oh sorry, To fast?" I shook my head "Nope, I like it" He smiled at me and we sat down, eating and talking about everything.

-Savannah's POV-

Caitlin ran off to be with Liam so now i'm stuck with Harry and Zayn who are fighting over how hot Cher Lloyd is. Louis walked over and grabbed my hands, pulling me up. "You look bored, follow me" I nodded, giggling a bit. He led us to the play area where we climbed to the top and sat there. Louis kept staring at me. "Lou? See something you like?" I asked, giggling. He nodded and my eyes went wide. He started laughing and I blushed, looking away. He grabbed my chin and turned my face towards his. We stared into each others eyes for a few seconds before Louis started leaning in slowly, his eyes fluttering shut. Our mouths connecting, my eyes widened in pure shock before closing with his. He pulled away and blushed. He grabbed my hand and said "How about some food, yeah?" I blushed and nodded. We climbed back down and headed to the cash register. "What do you want, love?" He asked "Don't be shy" "Umm ill have the chicken fingers with barbecue sauce" I said, shyly. "Ill have the big mac with a large fry.. Thank you." He began pulling out his wallet and I stopped him. "I can't let you pay for me!" I said "Sweet gesture though." Louis gave her a confused look then smiled "A gentleman always pays on the first date!" I blushed and looked at my feet. This boy is too perfect. We got our food and sat at the booth on the opposite side of Liam and Caitlin. "They're cute together, huh?" I asked looking at them laughing with each other. "Not as cute as us!" Louis said in a manly tone. I giggled and began eating. "Want a drink babe?" Louis asked politely. I nodded and swallowed the chicken before saying "Uh Pepsi's fine" He winked and went up to the cashier. She handed him 2 cups and he payed before heading to the drink station. He filled both cups up and came back. He dug into his food and me into mine, stopping every now and again to get a sip from my cup. Best date ever.. i smiled to myself.

-Caitlin's POV-

I can't believe i'm on a date with Liam right now! We are having so much fun! By the looks of things Lou has taken a liking to Savannah. Liam moved from his side of the booth, sat beside me and put his arm around me, I laid my head on his shoulder and sighed in appreciation. He chuckled and i could feel him rubbing circles in my arm. "The best thing i ever did was give you my number at the station.." He whispered in my ear. I blushed and kissed his cheek. He pulled his face back and leaned in. I fluttered my eyes closed as our lips touched, sending sparks through my body. We pulled away smiling at each other. I looked at my watch.. 7 PM?! "What's wrong babe?" Liam asked sweetly. "I'm an 18 year old that can't drive and lives at her mom's house.. And its 7 PM so she's probably worried sick.." Liam thought things through before saying "You and Savannah can come stay with us in our bus! It'll save you the plane ride!" I gave him a worried look. His eyes widened in realization of why I was worried. "No, not that, but you guys are lovely people so why don't you stay with us for a few days?" I thought it over before calling Savannah to the play area. "What do you think about staying with the boys for a few days?" I asked. She gave me a worried look and I shook my head telling her how they don't want that and if they do, we can leave. She thought it over for a second but agreed. "I mean really, we're 18 and living with our parents with no car and don't know how to drive.. this is our break.." She nodded again but this time with a smile on her face. We walked back out and i nodded at Liam. He smiled and got up to hug and kiss me. We all walked outside, Liam told Paul everything and we got into the Bus awaiting us. Its actually bigger on the inside then out. Zayn, Harry and Niall walked back to the bunks, looking tired from a day in the play area. "Where will me and Savannah sleep?" I asked. "Savannah can share with Louis and You can share with me!" I smiled and blushed. Louis came from the back of the bus with a pair of his sweat pants and a striped t shirt for Savannah to sleep in. "Ill be right back babe." Liam winked. He walked to a bag at the other end of the bus and pulled out basket ball shorts and a tank top. He walked back to me, handing them to me and i went to change. When i came back out Savannah was cuddling Lou on one couch and Liam was in the kitchen, pouring a drink. I walked up behind him and hugged him. He jumped a bit but realized who it was. I laughed at him and walked to the couch opposite Lou and Savannah. He came back in basketball shorts and no shirt. My mouth fell open and he laughed. He sat down and pulled me into his lap, I hugged him and put my face in the crook of his neck. I relaxed when Liam started giving me gentle kisses on my temple and rubbing soothing circles on my back. The gentle purr of the bus engine started and i felt like a free woman... I'm going on tour with the boys.. How exciting! Savannah Yawned and Lou held his hand out for her, she grabbed it and walked to Lou's Bunk. Liam picked me up bridal style and walked to his, he layed me on it and climbed up. I clung to him, wrapping my arms around his torso, his on my waist, falling asleep with a kiss.


**I'm not so sure about this chapter, but i think it moved a little to fast but oh well, LWWY.. Little bit of Louvannah action.. eh? I know she's been dying for some... But yeah, as I said, feedback is always appreciated and If there are any issues.. AT ALL lemme know and I'll fix them :) I'm sensing some drama in the near future.. what do you guys think? Lemme know what you want to see and I'll get to it.. :) Enough rambling on, I'm tired.. Night babes!**

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