Living While We're Young

About 2 best friends who meet the loves of their lives... It all starts with Savannah scoring 2 tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. That is when their lives change so much... From hate on twitter to insecurities in the relationship. Caitlin and Savannah's lives change for better and worse.


15. Okay so...

Two years ago I wrote this garbage and I'd like to apologize for any brain damage I may or may not have caused in doing so. So um....... I hope no one downloaded this. I'm not even British. I wanted to pretend I was because I was a loser and I had no life. Yes, I thought this was entertaining, and yes, I thought the boys would literally take us on tour after one date and yes, I thought Louis would fall in love with someone after said first date. So, again, sorry for this atrocity. 

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