Living While We're Young

About 2 best friends who meet the loves of their lives... It all starts with Savannah scoring 2 tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. That is when their lives change so much... From hate on twitter to insecurities in the relationship. Caitlin and Savannah's lives change for better and worse.


12. Day to Remember

-Caitlin's POV-

I woke up and walked to the bathroom, I just needed to relax i was feeling wound up and anxious so i decided to take a hot shower. I've been stressed since yesterdays twitter incident. I got out of my shower feeling a lot better, but the stress still at the back of my mind. I went to go look in the kitchen for food when i realized i was hungry.. No breakfast food.. I groaned walking over to put on my shoes and my coat. "Where you going?" I heard come from the door way. Zayn stood there looking like he had major bedhead. I chuckled. "Just going to walk to the store. Hungry and there's nothing to eat." He nodded and walked to the fridge, pulling out some water. "I can drive you if you want me to... Its a 20 minute walk to the nearest Food Lion." I thought for a second then nodded, too lazy to walk 20 minutes today. Zayn put on a batman snap back and threw on some Nikes. As he walked out he grabbed a set of keys, where the boys keep a car... i don't know. We've been in a tour bus for the past few days. We walked across the street to a black Ferrari. I stood in disbelief, just staring. "Well you going to get in?" He laughed. I walked to the passenger side and hopped in. He drove to Food Lion and we walked in. The first thing i saw was a magazine. Bop and Tiger Beat. I got scared but picked it up. On the front page was the same as yesterday but with pictures from last night's concert. Then i heard a click and turned around quickly. A guy with a fucking camera... "Shit" I muttered, pulling up the hood on my t-shirt. Zayn put his arm around me and guided me back to the car. "How about McDonalds?" He asked. I nodded. I hope that doesn't look bad... We pulled up to the drive thru and Zayn ordered food. I was to lost in my own world to know what he was saying. Next thing i know we're home and Liam looks like he's going to half kill me and Zayn. "Where were you?" Liam asks. "Shop, But then paparazzi were there so we got McDonald's instead." Liam nodded and hugged me. "Sorry just got scared you left.." I nodded and kissed his cheek. "So what are we doing today?" Niall asked from the kitchen. "Well, I was thinking about going shopping.. Anyone wanna come?" Savannah asked, I shrugged "I'll come, yeah" Savannah nodded and went to go get dressed. "I'll come with you guys.. for protection" Liam smiled at me. "And I'll come just because my girlfriend is going." I nodded and ran to get dressed. When i got back Kelly, Harry, Savannah, Louis and Liam were all waiting on me. I guess Kelly decided to tag along. "Bestie's day out!" I said, enthusiastically. They chuckled at me and we walked to the car. We got to the mall in about 10 minutes. And then it took about 5 more for the boys to do autographs and pictures before we finally got inside. At first we were just walking around and having fun but as we all know, paparazzi never sleep. "Is that.. a camera.. sticking out of a tree?" Kelly asked. Liam looked over and got an angry look on his face. "Liam, please.. just forget it." I begged. "I'm tired of them bothering you guys.. It gets annoying to see you in the papers because i know it bothers you.." I looked down at my feet and back up "But you're worth it, remember that.." He nodded. But when we heard the clicking of the camera he looked like he snapped. He walked over there and grabbed the camera, slamming it on the ground, breaking it. My mouth fell open as he threw $100 dollars at the guy. Savannah was laughing and he walked back with a scowl on his face.

-Savannah's POV-

Oh my god.. I knew something was going to go down when Liam kept glaring at the guy in the tree. But what he did surprised me. He stormed over there and literally shattered the guy's camera then through him money.. I started laughing at the man and he glared at me. Louis started laughing to and grabbed my hand again, lacing our fingers together. We kept walking and i kept looking over at Caitlin, who was trying to calm him down by whispering in his ear god knows what. I turned my head back forward and kept walking with Lou. We've grown inseparable over the past few days and I'm head over heels for this guy. My stomach growled and Louis looked at me and started laughing. "Oh hush" I said and he started laughing more. "Guys i'm going to take Savannah to the food court.. catch up to you later." They all nodded and headed into one of the stores. Louis led me the opposite way and took me to a Wendy's. After he ordered, we sat down at a booth and were talking about it all. When we finished our food we just sat there talking, not bothering to find the others just yet. "Oh my god!!! That's Louis Tomlinson!!!" Next thing i know there's a girl on my mans lap, kissing him. I got up and grabbed her by the hair and threw her on the floor. She looked up at me, terrified. I glared at her. "Touch him again and i'll throw you across this damn mall.. got it?" She nodded before getting up and running away. Louis looked at me for a second before laughing. I smiled at him "And that's why you don't mess with me.." He laughed harder, got up and led me out of the food court. When we caught up to the rest of the boys and girls, Louis immediately began telling them what happened. Caitlin got the 'Oh my god' look before laughing and Kelly just fell on the ground, laughing. Liam looked like he was trying to keep a serious daddy face but failed and started laughing and Harry stared at me like he saw a ghost before laughing as well. He picked Kelly up and threw her over his shoulder. "Hey ass hole! Put me down!" She said, Harry shook his head and Kelly gave up, knowing she wasn't going anywhere. When we finally got to the parking lot, Harry set Kelly down and grabbed her hand, looking terrified. I looked out the door and turned pale. Hundreds of girls piled on top of each other. 

-Kelly's POV-

Can we not get a break? We went to the mall manager and asked if we could take a back door. She nodded and we snuck through the back door then ran to the car. When Harry unlocked the car they all turned around and screams were heard. We jumped in the car and drove away as quickly as possible. "That was a bit to close.." Caitlin said. I nodded in agreement and turned to her. Her head was on Liam's shoulder and his arm was around her. "We need to bring Paul next time. She nodded and laughed before closing her eyes, falling asleep. I turned back around and Harry had my phone, putting his number in. He handed it back, smiling and i smiled back. This is perfect... I have 3 new friends, the perfect boyfriend.. life couldn't be better. During the drive, Harry got a text. "Lou, you need to drive us to the Marriott hotel.. that's where we're going to be for the next few days." He nodded and started driving towards it, looking at Savannah every once in a while. When we got there, Liam picked Caitlin, up and carried her, bridal style. We got to the front desk and asked for our room keys. "Umm I don't know what name the rooms are under.. One Direction?" The woman nodded, handing us 5 keys. Liam passed them out before carrying Caitlin off. "Ready to check the room out, love?" Harry asked. I nodded and laced our fingers together, walking to the elevator. "Floor 10" I hit the button and the elevator started moving. We were in a comfortable silence as the bell dinged. The doors opened and we walked down the hall. We saw Liam walk into a room and close the door, Caitlin still in his arms. We walked further down. "10E.. Here we are." We opened the door to a huge room with modern furniture and a huge kitchen. My mouth fell open and Harry laughed at me. I walked to the bedroom and there was a massive white bed in the middle of the room and a few couches and a plasma TV on the wall. I checked the bathroom and there was a walk in shower! "You've never seen anything like this, have you?" He asked. I walked out and shook my head, still taking everything in. I ran over to him and hugged him, tightly. He hugged me back and i could feel him smiling. I kissed him really quickly and let go. It's official.. i have the best life ever now.

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