Living While We're Young

About 2 best friends who meet the loves of their lives... It all starts with Savannah scoring 2 tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. That is when their lives change so much... From hate on twitter to insecurities in the relationship. Caitlin and Savannah's lives change for better and worse.


9. 1st Sound Check - Staples Center LA


-Caitlin's POV-

I woke up to Liams alarm going off. I groaned and rolled over to poke his cheek "Wake Uppp and get Your phooooneee" I said. He stretched and got up to turn the Alarm off. "I gotta shower babe... Me and the boys are going to sound check in an hour. You girls can come with us if you want to." I nodded and he hopped off the bunk going to the shower. I walked to Lou and Savannah's shared bunk before jumping up and down on it. Savannah jumped up. "What the-?! Oh Caitlin, What are you doing?!" I shrugged and got down. "The boys have sound check and i figured you'd want to get ready." She nodded, got off the bunk and snuck her way to the kitchen. Liam came out of the bathroom with a towel around his waist and got clothes before going back in. When he came out fully dressed i stole the bathroom to get my shower.


-Kelly's POV-

My alarm went off and i slammed my fist down onto the dismiss button. I rolled out of bed and ran to the bathroom to fix my hair and do my make up when i remembered what was so important about this day. I was finally going to meet One Direction! I had bought Sound Check and Concert Tickets To the LA show I threw on my best clothes and slipped on my uggs before grabbing my car keys and walking out the door. I realized i forgot my tickets and ran back to my room, grabbing them from underneath my pillow. I ran back to my car and hopped into the drivers side before starting my 20 minute drive to the Coliseum. When i got there, I walked into the front entrance to the ticket booth where the lady was asleep. I banged on the glass yelling "Wake up Lazy whore!" She jerked awake and glared at me. "May i have your ticket please?!" She spat. I rolled my eyes and handed her my ticket. "Maybe stay awake next time..." I flipped her off and walked through the double doors. I sat in the front row and waited anxiously, whipping my head around every time some one walked in. Finally, the boys came out with the girls i recognized from the magazine i bought. I walked up to Harry first "Hi! I'm a huge fan!" He smiled at me and said "I'm Harry!" He held his hand out for me to shake and i blushed. But instead of letting go, he pulled me onto the stage. My face turned bright red and i heard giggling from behind me, as well as a few glares from the jealous ones. Harry winked at me and walked over to Louis before motioning me to come with him. He began whispering into Louis ear and Louis nodded. I began feeling insecure, wondering what he was saying. "Whats your name, babe?" Louis Asked. "Uh my name? Oh Um Kelly, sorry.." Louis laughed "You forgot your own name?" I turned red and looked away. "Its fine, if i was meeting Natalie Portman, I'd do the same most likely" I laughed and looked at Harry. He snapped his head away and looked at Louis. Was he.. Looking at me the whole time? No not possible.. 

-Savannah's POV-

"That fan up there with Harry and Louis reminds us of when we met Liam and Louis.. She looks about as nervous as you were.." I said, looking at Caitlin. She laughed and gave me an 'I have an idea look' I immediately knew what she meant and nodded, smiling. "Hey Harry! Come here for a sec!" Caitlin Called. He hopped off the stage following Caitlin. I walked up to the girl and smiled at her. She smiled back and I hopped onto the stage. "Hi, I'm Savannah." I said. "Kelly" She said, her voice a bit shaky. "Louis, babe, Can you go calm Liam down, he's freaking out about Haz Leaving With Cait." He nodded and kissed me before hopping down, sending me a knowing glance before walking away. "So you like Harry, huh?" She nodded "Is it that obvious?" She asked, looking worried. "Only if you call blushing every time he looks at you or even talks obvious then yes." She looked down looking scared. "It's fine, you should've seen Caitlin when she met Liam. She told me she was going to pass out but she got his number! Go for it, Harry's been lonely lately and has been staring at you the whole time you've been up here." She nodded, looking a bit more confident but it went away a second later. "What if he doesn't like me?" "Want me to talk to him?" She nodded "Ill send Cait in here and you can get to know her while i talk to him." She nodded and smiled at me. "Oh.. one more thing.. how old are you?" I asked. "18" I nodded and hopped off stage, heading for the double doors. I entered the main hall and Caitlin was telling Harry that the girls bathroom was dirty. "Well, you expect me to go into a girls bathroom and clean it for you?" She nodded and i laughed. "Hey Cait go meet the new girl, Her name is Kelly by the way." She nodded and smirked at Harry before walking back into the main stage room. "Sound check starting in 5 minutes!" The intercom Said. "Ok, I'll make this quick.. We're going to be here for a few days doing concerts right?" He nodded. "Ok that girl that was talking to you on the stage is madly in love with you and you should ask her on a date.." Harry's eyes went wide and he blushed. He walked back into the main room. I took a quick drink and went back in to Harry on the stage talking to Kelly. They hugged and she ran over to me."Oh my god thank youuu" She yelled and put me into a bone crushing hug, i hugged back and let go. She told Caitlin and was jumping up and down. I looked around and saw Zayn and Niall chatting up 2 girls. I walked over to Niall first. "Hi! I'm Savannah." The girl looked at me and waved, smiling. "I'm Abby" "Ok well i'll leave you guys to it" I smiled at Niall. I walked over to the girl Zayn was with.. Might as well get to know future 1D girlfriends...  "Hi! I'm Savannah." She looked at me and looked starstruck. "OH MY GOD I TOTALLY SHIP LOUVANNAH! AND I DONT KNOW THE OTHER GIRL BUT I SHIP HER WITH LIAM TOO!" "Calm down hun.. Her name is Caitlin and yes, I ship them to" I laughed. "Hmm.. OH! Caitliam!" I laughed at her enthusiasm. "Whats your name babe?" I asked. "Ally" She replied I smiled at her and she smiled back. The starts of 5 Beautiful friend ships..

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