Living While We're Young

About 2 best friends who meet the loves of their lives... It all starts with Savannah scoring 2 tickets and backstage passes to a One Direction Concert. That is when their lives change so much... From hate on twitter to insecurities in the relationship. Caitlin and Savannah's lives change for better and worse.


1. 1D Wake Up Call


-Caitlin's POV-

I woke up to the sound of Kiss You coming from my bedside table. I groaned and rolled over to get my phone.

-New Text From Savannah-


I jumped out of my bed and threw on my grey Uggs. "MOM!" I yelled running down the steps. "What Cait?" She asked. "Drive me to Savannah's now PLEASE?!" I practically yelled. My mom eyed me suspiciously but put her cup into the sink and motioned me toward the car. I leaped into the Passengers seat and anxiously waited on my mom. She got into the drivers side and drove towards the house I know so well. She parked out front and I kissed her cheek before saying my goodbyes and running up to the door. I turned around to see her wave and drive away. I opened the door and ran into Savannah's Room. "Where are they?!" I whisper yelled, not wanting to wake her dad up. She replied " I won them on the radio and I have to wait until my dad wakes up to go get them from the station and here's the best part... Liam is there awaiting my arrival to give them to me." My cheeks turned red.. I've had the biggest crush on Liam for months now. "Want to know the other part I know you'll be excited about?" She asked, looking like she was scared for my reaction. "What?" "You get a ticket too!" She said. My eyes went wide and she jumped and covered my mouth. I screamed into her hand and she pulled it off. "Can I come with you to the station?!" I asked, frantic. She nodded smiling at me. Oh god, I GET TO MEET LIAM FREAKING PAYNE! 

-30 Minutes Later-

"OK Girls! Ready to go?" Savannah's Dad asked. We nodded, already dressed in our Ms. Payne and Ms. Tomlinson T-shirts. The drive to the station was filled with excitement and anticipation. Nervousness began to kick in when we pulled into the parking lot. Savannah and I hopped out of the car and walked towards the front entrance. My stomach was churning and I felt like I was going to pass out, nervousness getting to me, I turned to Savannah and said "Oh my god.. I can already tell you if I fall over... You have to catch me." She started laughing at me but I just grimaced back, my stomach in knots...Just stay calm and it will all be fine. I began to feel a bit better, my stomach returning to it's normal self. We arrived at the studio door and I could see Liam across the table laughing at a joke, I assume. "And here is the winner of the tickets!" I heard through the door. It opened and we walked in, Liam smiling at us. Oh that smile will be the end of me.

-Savannah's POV-

When we walked in I saw Caitlin tense up, She must be really nervous. We sat at the chairs that were left and I made sure she was by Liam. He smiled at her and she gave this sort of weak smile back before giving me the 'Oh my god i'm going to die' look. I silently laughed to myself.. But out of the corner of my eye, I saw Liam take subtle glances to Caitlin, Hmm.. Time to play match maker. The radio host kept going on about the tickets and the location of the concert. The only thing I got from it all was plane tickets and Madison Square Gardens, New York. When I looked over next, Liam was whispering something into Caitlin's ear and slipped her a tiny piece of paper. My eyes went wide, well thank you for saving me the trouble I guess, Liam. When it was over Liam gave me the tickets and he hugged Caitlin goodbye. When we got outside Caitlin looked like she was in fantasy land, I waved my hand in front of her face. "Caitlin? Caitlin! CAITLIN?!" I yelled. She looked at me and said "Huh.. what?" I laughed at her and she glared at me. "Well its not everyday you get a sexy pop star's number!" She defended. I chuckled at her obsession with Liam. She pulled her phone out and began typing while looking at the sheet of paper he gave her. Then she put her phone away and ripped the paper into tiny shreds. We hopped into my car and headed back to my house.

-Caitlin's POV-

THIS IS HAPPENING? WHAT IS AIR? OH GOD I GOT LIAM PAYNE'S NUMBER! I was brought out of my thoughts by Savannah Yelling my name and waving her hand in front of my face. "Huh.. what?" I said, shocked. She began laughing at me and I glared. "Its not everyday you get a sexy pop star's number!" I said jokingly. I pulled out my phone and put his number into my contacts. I ripped the paper into extra small pieces so no one would stalk him. We got into her dad's car and began our drive home. "When should I text him.. Is it to soon? What if he doesn't really like me and just gave me a fake number?" I said. Savannah gave me a look that said 'Are you kidding me..' "Calm down.. From what i saw he was looking at you the entire time" She said. I gave her a smirk and said "Well, i'll get Liam to hook you up With Lou" She went pale then red and i laughed at her. "Ok i'm just going to call him and hope for the best" (See what i did there? :D) Savannah nodded and told me to put it on speaker. I nodded back and started the call. "Hello?" The british accent rang out, but not Liam's. I heard faint yelling in the back ground. "Liam?" I said nervous. "Ohhh so you're mystery girl.. Well Liam's in a bit of a mess right now so I'll put you on speaker." I turned to Savannah and gave her a 'Wtf is going on' look she shrugged, looking as confused as me. "ANDY HELP" I heard. Yup that's Liam..

-Liam's POV-

I drove away from the station and pulled into the McDonalds We rented out.. What? Fans are crazy... Anyways as soon as i walk in I yell "Gave a girl my number.. Boys?" I'm then attacked by 4 bodies. They lift me up and begin carrying me to the bathroom. "BOYS! PAUL! HELP!" I said in sudden realization of what was about to happen. My phone rang and My eyes went wide. Louis Answered the phone and walked off. I fought back against the 3 boys holding me, Not getting very far. I saw Louis walking back with my phone, He hit the speaker button and i yelled "Andy Help!" Louis started laughing and said "It's not Andy you idiot.. It's that girl.." My eyes went wide and I jerked out of the boys grasp and grabbed my phone. I walked to the play area and sat down. "Hey... Sorry about that. The boys had ideas for me in the bathroom.." I said. She giggled and said "It's fine.. Who was speaking before?" I thought for a moment then said "Louis.. but do you girls want to come get lunch?" "Sure, where are you?" It took me a second to remember what street but i finally gave her the address and with our goodbyes, I hung up. I walked over to Paul and described them. He nodded and I went to go order food.


**So, what do you guys think so far? Feedback is always appreciated.. And if you haven't Already figured out.. One of my best friends is in here! Her story inspired me to write mine.. If you haven't Checked it out Her Username is XxSoulSister1DXx Her story is brilliam! :D Anyways yeah, If you like it let me know and I'll definitely Keep it going.. Bye Babes!**

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