One Direction in the Hunger Games

It's this time again that every kid dreads. Getting picked out of the barrel waiting those few seconds could mean life or death. Only one girl and one boy must be chosen. This is the Hunger Games.

A/N This story isn't the exact replica to the actual Hunger Games.



12. The Final Straw


Jess's P.O.V

"Drop the bow and arrow and I won't have to slice your boyfriends neck" Caitlin instructed sternly

I placed my bow and arrows on the ground. She smirks I knew what she was thinking I knew she was thinking she was the captain that I would do anything that she would say so she wouldn't hurt Louis. I knew she was right I would do anything she would say so Louis wouldn't get hurt.

"Good girl" she says in her annoying tone of voice

I swear if she said that to me again I will tackle her to the ground. I don't care if I got hurt just as long as Louis didn't.

"Now I want you to go kill yourself"


"cause you know what will happen if you don't" she smirks and looks down at Louis

"Jess don't do it" Louis yells

Caitlin places the knife back onto Louis throat. 

"Shut up you dick, so what will it be Jess your life or Louis's?"

I can't decide on this, I love my life and it just got better since I have been with Louis. But I guess if life crosses between Louis and I, I would choose to end my life instead of Louis's.

I pick up a sharpen arrow and place it near my chest. 

"Jess don't, please for me" Louis cries, his eyes are red and tears are flowing out of them like waterfalls. 

"Louis this is for your own good, I can't choose for me to live and you don't"

"I know but if you do I don't know what I would do with myself"

"Louis please don't make me emotional I have already made up my mind"

He doesn't reply he just sobs it's really hard to see him like this. My eyes sting from fighting back my tears.

"Now hurry up and do it Jess. I haven't got all day"

"Fine on the count of three" I instruct 

"1.......2......3" Caitlin yells

"JESS!!!" I hear Louis yell before I stab the arrow into the chest hoping it wouldn't be deep enough to kill me.

I scream out loud before dropping to the ground. My eyes were becoming so heavy I tried so hard to keep them open. That's when my whole world went black.............


Louis's P.O.V

"JESS!!!" I scream hoping she will change her mind. I know she is doing this for me and I am so greatful.

That's when I see her collapsing onto the ground with the arrow pointing out of her chest. Caitlin just laughed 

"Finally I have you all to myself" She says 

I push her off of me with all the strength I had and ran over to the poor girl lying on the ground with blood gushing out of her chest. I placed my hand on her chest and carefully pulled out the arrow.

"And what do you think your doing?" I hear Caitlin question sternly 

"What I should have done a few minutes ago" I replied to her in rage, how dare she do this to Jess, how dare she laugh at her, how dare she even LIVE!!!

I reached over to Jess's bow and arrow. I have never shot a bow and arrow before but hey there is always a first time for everything. I pulled the string back,

"Louis baby don't do this to me. I love you and I always have you don't have to end it like this"

"So you think it's ok for you to end someone else's life and not end yours, You don't love me and I absolutely do not love you!"

"Please Louis"

"To late Caitlin I have already made up my mind"

Before she could speak I released the arrow and it actually hit her! Caitlin falls to the ground in pain, rolling around on the ground screaming.

"Louis I swear I will come back and haunt you forever!"

"Oh we will see about that"

I ran over to Jess and took my shirt off and wrapped it tightly around her chest. I hear a cracking sound coming from somewhere I look up and see Liam coming out of the woods.

"Liam!" I yell while waving my hands in the air. I am so glad to see someone that may help me.

Liam comes running over 

"Need any help?" He asks 

"Yeah can you pick Jess up I gotta go finish her up" I pointed to Caitlin that is still screaming on the ground in pain. Liam just gives me a nod and picks Jess's lifeless body from the ground. I walk over to Caitlin

"This is payback from Jess" I say in a sassy tone 

I pulled out another arrow and shot her. The woods is filled with another back tingling scream than finally her body goes to rest. 

 I walk over to Liam, Jess's body nearly gives me a emotional breakdown but I know I have to be strong for her.

"1 down 7 to go Caitlin district 1" 


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