One Direction in the Hunger Games

It's this time again that every kid dreads. Getting picked out of the barrel waiting those few seconds could mean life or death. Only one girl and one boy must be chosen. This is the Hunger Games.

A/N This story isn't the exact replica to the actual Hunger Games.



10. Searching


A/N: Hello all my Little Brits. I am so sorry for not updating in like forever. So I hope you enjoy this chapter :D

Jessie xx



Steve's P.O.V

I know Jess was around here I could sense it. I stretch and stand up from my uncomfortable position I had to sleep in, I look down at my feet to see Harry and Annabelle still sleeping.

"Wake up you pathetic lazy asses'" I yell

They both scramble to there feet.

"Dude why did you have to wake me I was in the middle of an amazing dream" Harry complained

"Shut up, you mop" I yelled back

"Hey don't diss the hair, you prick" Harry snaps

"Guys shut it" Annabelle yells. We both fall quiet "Now what should we do today?"

"Well I was thinking we should split up to cover more ground. Annabelle you go that way and Harry you head that way". I point in the directions "I will retrace our steps from yesterday. Oh and also if you find Jess injure her so she doesn't get away and light these flares and I will come and kill her understand"

They both nod our heads and start walking in the different directions.


Annabelle's P.O.V


~30 minutes later~


I have been walking for ages and still nothing. I stop and look around and see some movement in the nearby bushes. I crouch down and peer through the branches of a small shrub. The figure comes out of the bushes and it was the girl I have been looking for.................Jess. I quietly got out from my hiding place and moved into the clearing.

"Jess" I yell she turns around and starts running.

I sprint after her making gain, that's when she trips and falls to the ground.


Jess's P.O.V


Clumsy me tripping over a bloody tree branch when I'm getting chased but the person who wants to kill me. My bow had flung out of my hands when I fell, I tried to get up but my ankle hurt like a bitch so I start to crawl. I feel a warm hand on my shoulder I turned my head and see Annabelle, she pushes me with all her power to the ground.

"you think you could get away that easily?"

She pulls a knife out of her pocket and throws it at my leg, the blade slices the skin with ease.

"AHHHH!!!" I scream in pain

I place may hand on my leg and carefully pull out the knife. Blood gushed out of the wound I tried to put pressure on it but it hurt to much. I threw the knife at Annabelle hoping it would just pierce her in the heart but with Annabelle's quick reflexes it missed her.

"your quite lucky actually because your not going to die just yet"

I let out a little sigh, I'm glad cause I didn't want my life to end. She pulls out a flare and lights it, the bright orange light shoots up to the sky. Shit now Steve's coming to kill me. I started panicking, tears started pouring out of my eyes. I shut my eyes and started to think about all my amazing life memories. One memory was when I met all the amazing people in the games, another memory was when I fell in love with Louis. My thoughts where then interrupted by the announcer

"three down nine to go, Annabelle from district 4"

I let out a sigh of relief, thank god that bitch is dead. Wait what? My eyes shoot open and thats when I see a body coming towards me I let out a scream thinking it was Steve. But when the body got closer I could see it wasn't Steve it was Louis.


"Shhhh it's okay babe I am here now" Louis calms me as he approaches and gives me a hug and a kiss on the forehead.

He looks at my leg, it is so sore. Louis then stands up and starts taking his shirt off.

"what are you doing Lou?" I asked as I stared at him, he is so perfect!

"I am going to wrap my shirt around your leg to try and stop the bleeding"

"but you will get cold"

"Jess stop worrying I will be fine"

He carefully wraps his shirt around the wound and tightly knots it.

"Ahhhhhh" I scream in pain as tears fall down my face.

"are you okay?" He asks I just nod.

Louis helps me up and we walk over to my bow. I pick it up and then we started heading North.






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