One Direction in the Hunger Games

It's this time again that every kid dreads. Getting picked out of the barrel waiting those few seconds could mean life or death. Only one girl and one boy must be chosen. This is the Hunger Games.

A/N This story isn't the exact replica to the actual Hunger Games.



4. Meeting The Competitors


A/N: Hey guys another Chapter hopefully you enjoy it. Pleaz could you give me feedback on how I am going so far. I love you all. Jessie <3   


Louis P.O.V

*dream starts ~ I ran and ran and ran trying to hide. I stop and looked behind me to see Jess following me.

"here grab my hand" I reached out my hand and she grabbed it we ran side by side till we reached this cave.

"we will be safe in here" I told her Jess had tears running down her face

"shhh everything will be alright" I reassured wiping the tears with my thumb

"Louis it might be the last time I get to say this but....AHHHHH" she starts to scream I look behind me a member from another district was there with a bow and arrow. I pulled out a sword and stabbed him in the heart. I turned around to see Jess collapsed on the ground with a arrow sticking out of her chest I knelt next to her. I placed her head on my knees.

"Jess talk to me please" I begged

One eye opens then the other

"Louis" she places a hand on my face "Louis I have always wanted to say this and never had the courage to.."

"what is it Jess?"


She rises ignoring the pain and kisses me softly on the lips before dying in my arms ~ dream ends*


I wake up in a pool of sweat and out of breath. I look over and saw that Jess wasn't in her bed, I start crying thinking it was real, Jess was dead. When suddenly the door opens.

"Louis why are you crying?" I look up and saw Jess standing in the door way 

"Jess your alive!" I yelled pleased, while jumping out of bed and giving her a massive hug

"of course I am silly I'm not planning on dying yet"

She pulls away and wipes the tears off my face and gives me a loving smile, we walked into the kitchen, she then hands me a bowl of cereal from the kitchen bench that she had made before she came to wake me up. She leaves me to eat while she goes and gets ready.


~ 1 hour later ~


Jess's P.O.V

There was a knock at the door I ran up and opened it

"hey Jess" 

"hey Kevin" I greeted

"are you two ready?"

"yes we have been ready for the last half hour" I reply "come on Lou we are going" I yell


~ 5 minutes later ~


We arrived at the training arena and was taken inside. Everyone turned as we walked in they all gave us evil glares. We stood in a line while we waited for our trainer. The arena was so quiet that when the doors burst open everyone jumped.

"welcome guys to your first training session, my name is Jet Cooper, I will be your trainer for the next few days, to start off let me show you all the weapons you will be using in the games"

We all followed Jet around while he named all the weapons. This guy from district 1 kept staring at me I looked at his pocket and the name Steve was stitched. He was a rather skinny guy with light brown wavy hair.

"hi" he greeted

"hi" I replied

"names Steve"

"yeah I know cause your name is on your pocket"

"your smart"

"I wouldn't call myself smart"

"hey I was wondering if you would make an alliance with me?"

"ummm let me think about it.... No"

"are you sure cause if you don't you will be the first person dead on the battle field" Steve threatened me

"fine can I think about it?"

"okay I will give you till tomorrows training session" then he walks off

Well wasn't he nice (that was sarcastic). I'm not gonna make his words get to me though. We finally got to have some training ourselves I continued scanning though the weapons till my eyes caught the bow and arrow, I have always been good with a bow and arrow because I use one a lot back at home when I'm hunting. I walk towards the weapon and grabbed it. I place the arrow in the bow and pull the bow string back and aimed at the target. I then feel like I was being watched I removed the tension from the bow string and looked around and sure enough everyone in the room was watching me. I turned my head and pulled the bow string back again.concentrated a lot more as I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I let go of the bow string and the arrow shot forward, the arrow then hits the middle of the target. Everyone in the room claps, I walk towards them and I come across Louis.

"I never knew you were good with a bow and arrow" Louis tells me

"I always used a bow and arrow at home for hunting" I reply

Throughout  the training session I thought I would be a nice person and meet some people. District 1 was Steve and Caitlin, District 2 was Harry and Natalie, District 4 Zayn and Annabelle, District 5 Zara and Niall, District 6 Liam and Maddy and lucky last District 7 Dani and Breanna.



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