One Direction in the Hunger Games

It's this time again that every kid dreads. Getting picked out of the barrel waiting those few seconds could mean life or death. Only one girl and one boy must be chosen. This is the Hunger Games.

A/N This story isn't the exact replica to the actual Hunger Games.



9. Let The Games Begin



Jess's P.O.V


Everyone started running towards the weapons, including me. I was the first one to make it to the weapons not far behind was Steve I grabbed the bow and arrow and started sprinting towards the forest as I was running I saw two bodies lying on the ground covered in blood, I couldn't make out who they were and I wasn't going to stop and examine. Then this loud voice booms in through the field.

"two down ten to go. Dani district 7 and Zayn district 4"

I felt sadness sweep over me. I make it to the edge were the forest meets the field. I stop and turn around Steve wasn't far behind me, so I turned and sprinted. I don't think he was following me but I just kept running, cause I didn't want find out that he was right behind me or I would of paid the price.


After ages running my legs were aching I couldn't even stand up. I collapse on my ass and looked around. I was in the dense of the forest, sun light trickled in through the little gaps of the trees leaves, the forest floor was damp. All you could hear was the little birds in the trees. All of a sudden I hear voices in the distance, I quickly grab my bag, bow and arrows and crawled over to some thick bushes.

"this way" I hear a voice

I see three people make there way over near me

"where do you think she went?" one of them said

I look closely at the three of them and realized they were Harry, Annabelle and the guy I didn't want to see Steve.

"I think she went that way" Annabelle points in the opposite direction they came

"well if you two find her, let me kill her not you" Steve announced

They both shake they heads and they continue walking. Great Harry and Annabelle are in a alliance with Steve now I have to look out for three people.


~ 5 hours later~


It was getting late and I still haven't found anyone. My legs are killing me and I have to find somewhere safe to sleep tonight. I continue walking till I hear what sounds like water. I start to run, there is an opening and right in front of me was a gorgeous waterfall. I run down to the water and scoop the water into my mouth, this is so good. I fill my water bottle and decided to camp somewhere here for the night. I look around and find this perfect place to stay. I walk over and place my bag down. I hide between hedges and curl up in a ball. I lie there listening to the water gushing down the waterfall and looking up at the beautiful clear sky. All I remember was tucking my hair behind my ear before drifting into a peaceful sleep. 


A/N: Hey Hey my Little Brits, just wondering how you all are?? Sooo your thoughts on the start of the Games was it Shit, Crap, Amazayn? Are you happy or sad about Dani and Zayn dying??? Anyways Love you all and I will be looking forward to the next chapter. <3 xxxxx      

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