His Bookworm

Everyone likes books right? Well, now, I love them, because of them, I wouldn't have ran into Liam Payne, 1/5th of One Direction. -- Ariana Steph Blake is a bookworm. She doesn't wear glasses, no. She goes to the library, every time that she can. One day, while walking from there, she gets an unexpected run in, with none other then Liam Payne. From then, things sky rocketed. Drama, love, lies are created. Will they be able to pull through?


1. 1.

- Ariana Blake -

To Kill A Mockingbird.. The Hunger Games.. Ah, the second book, Mockingjay. I slipped the book out of its place from the shelf, then walking to the librarian's table.

"How many today, Ariana?" she asked. Mrs Potts was the nicest woman ever.

"Just 1, hoping to finish it soon," I replied, handing her my library card. She chuckled, after ringing me in.

"Its a good book, Ariana. I'll see you soon," she said, as I walked away. I shot her a smile, before walking out. Just as I stepped a foot outside, someone bumped into me, knocking me down.

- Liam Payne -

So, apparently, Harry asked me to go to the library for a book. A book. That was just, irregular. The Hunger Games. He could've always watched it in the cinemas. My thoughts were interrupted by a girlish squeal, and I was hovering over a petite girl.

Her deep, navy blue eyes came in contact with mine. "S-sorry," she stuttered.

"Its fine," I replied, clearing my throat, and standing up. I helped her up, and only now I noticed how gorgeous she is. Brown hair with natural blonde streaks, deep, navy blue eyes, skin kissed by the skin, 5'7, and the perfect curvy body.

You would mistaken her for a Greek goddess. "I'm really sorry, uh, I ruined your shirt," she said, pointing to the wet spot on my stomach. Oh yeah, I was holding a Starbucks cup.

"Its totally fine love," I replied.

"No, No its not. Its horrible that I knocked coffee on an international pop star's shirt. God, Ariana you clutz," she said, burying her head in her hands. Ariana huh?

"Its really fine, love." I said, running a hand through my short, quiffed hair and smiling softly,

"Thanks. You know, for not, suing me," she said jokingly.

"Its fine. Hey, hand me your phone," I replied. She gave me a confused look, but handed me her sleek white iPhone 5 anyway. I saved my name under 'Liam the boy you met at the library Payne'.

I handed her back her phone, and a smile played on her cherry lips. I suddenly felt something me and Danielle never felt before. I surge of warmth, as she giggled softly.

"I'll see you around, Liam." she said, after she entered her number in my phone.

"You too. I'll text you," I replied, before we parted our seperate ways,

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