Molly's diary

“As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?”- Anne Frank
She also said that paper has more patience then people. that's the reason why i am writing this. because my life is so stressful and i want some one to listen to my opinion without criticizing me..

Hope you enjoy


4. Sunday 2nd December

hey people wattup!

for the first time i am writing at my mums house! how exiting! ..not really.. any way he he. i don't really have anything new to tell you guys. lets see, what did i do today?

omg! ik ik ik! i went to my local shopping centre and got my outfit for the year 7 dance!!! it looks really pretty! i went to literally EVERY shop in the area and didn't find anything! then i went to good old k mart. you can always rely on k mart. i found that one thing! he he.. any way i recon its hot! thats all i can say. its a long black mullet skirt almost seethrough and a little sleeveless really small and it gives me a really good figure. i tuck the shirt in so it looks like a dress. from the start i wanted a dress but i made do with what i had, and i got a little christmas present on the side. i got a really cute top that makes the ends sort of pop out and it looks really adorable, its something you would wear with a mini skirt and luckily i have got plenty of them!

and omg, last night we were watching a year in the making (my mum taped it) and my mum was like 'who's that?' and pointed to louis. i said 'thats louis, he's mine biatch!' and mum is like 'i recon he is gay!' and i started crying. i was sitting there crying my eyes out and eliza had her friend over and everyone was staring at me. i can not believe she would say a thing like that! now i can't get it out  of my head and everything is like.. omg.. i just can't think straight any more. and the other day i was trying to give an example of a boys name for something and i said 'louis, no wait liam, omg i can't think.... umm, Thomas? no wait! that's Louis Tomlinson!

any way, gtg my time is up here

lots of love molly

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