Molly's diary

“As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?”- Anne Frank
She also said that paper has more patience then people. that's the reason why i am writing this. because my life is so stressful and i want some one to listen to my opinion without criticizing me..

Hope you enjoy


3. Saturday 1st december

hey guys. b4 u ca say any thing *pinch punch* first day of the month! got u thr! hope your all enjoying your day! its like 9:30am right now and my friend Jackson is here. i haven't seen him in like a million years so its exiting. i have made a list of what to inform my little carrots of so i don't keep saying uuuummmm all the time.

this is first on my list. its really funny because at school, Nadia wasn't a big directioner then and she came up to us like we were her bitches and said 'Louis Tomlinson didn't sing hey there Delila he sung oh its what you do to me!' like it was the most obvious thing in the world. me and Anaysha (being the only directioners at the time)fell on the ground laughing our asses off.

number two is; i have noticed that some of you guys are Canadian, and when i was in grade 3 my sister met a girl called Emily. she was Canadian and we grew close to her and her family. we played together like every day and we lived not far apart. but then she and her family had to move back to Canadia and it was like the saddest say of my life. so if you are her or if you know her then please comment and tell Emily about me. its me molly. and my sister Eliza.

numbr 3. i fan anyone who fans me

nmbr 4. you guys have to look up 'dumb ways to die' its a little cartoon metro station add or something but it is sooooooooo funny! and there is this video that you might not want to look up because it is disgusting but its like this milk contest and this guy throws up and it replays it in slow motion and everything  it is sooooooooooooooooo funny. great now you guys think i am retarted! Fantabulouis!(note the sarcasm) and there is another video called 'prank gone wrong' its this  girl she gets scared and runs out of the house and gets hit by a car. i was watching it and didn't know weather to laugh or not!

and i think that's all for now, but i will talk to u guys later. if you want to know more information about any thing i said just ask in the comments. and i would really appreciate if you guys could fan me because i fan back and please tell me about Emily. i really miss her. i haven't seen her for like 5 years, not joking.

lots of love for my little carrots


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