Molly's diary

“As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?”- Anne Frank
She also said that paper has more patience then people. that's the reason why i am writing this. because my life is so stressful and i want some one to listen to my opinion without criticizing me..

Hope you enjoy


2. Friday 30th November

Dear diary,

eep! cant wait! its December tomorrow!

lets see today we got to start secret Santa and i got a guy called Mason. b4 any one went up to get told who they were getting, Mr. C (my teacher, if you didn't know) said 'now i don't want any one saying to their friends who'd you get who'd you get who'd you get!?' and of course when Candice went up to get hers i went over to her and said ti her sarcastically 'who'd you get' and repeated it like a million times. about 5 minutes after we got to know our people, we know like who every one got! ha ha! that always happens! Anaysha and Molly were away today. Molly had to go to Brisbane and i don't know where Anaysha is, but when me and tiara were walking to school today, she told me that an hour after school starts she has to go to a doctor to get her lisp taken out. i didn't even know you could do that! apparently the little thing under her tongue was pulling her tongue closer to the bottom of her  mouth so it causes her to have a lisp. weird i know right!

school is actually getting much better! i think it's just the fact that we don't have any more assignments! lol. we do more work in the morning but wind down at the end of the day and its awesome. at the end of the day we just get to do what eva we want basically.

um, i just want to say that i have so many stories in my note book, but i want to finish them before i post them. i am writing some but i have no clue what there title is gonna be and stuff like that so i just have to get every thing perfect b4 i let you guys read them. don't worry i wont let my little carrots down!

bye for now!


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