Molly's diary

“As long as this exists, this sunshine and this cloudless sky, and as long as I can enjoy it, how can I be sad?”- Anne Frank
She also said that paper has more patience then people. that's the reason why i am writing this. because my life is so stressful and i want some one to listen to my opinion without criticizing me..

Hope you enjoy


1. Thursday 29th November

Dear Diary,

before you ask, yes! i am Mollyrox07. i have made another account because i felt that my other one was getting to.. stuffy i guess. like i kept writing movellas and not finishing them, so i started fresh.

lets see, where do i start (again)..

hmm, today our class got to play touch, but none of my friends wanted to so i didn't. instead i stayed back in the classroom with Nadia and Molly. it was so funny because we were playing Australia's got Talent because there was a random table and chairs in the middle of the room so we did that. Nadia was the judge the first time so i went up. first of all Nadia is like 'molly Hamlin please come to the stage' so i did and then she asked me what my name was(as a joke) and me and molly just looked at each other and laughed our heads off. the second time i went up to 'audition' i stood about 2 meters in front of Nadia and she yells 'stand on the x molly' and there was no x so i stepped forward a bit. Nadia smiled and nodded. then she moved the desk back and said 'sorry that's a bit to close for my liking!' and we all laughed our asses off. it was so funny. but that's not all! then i went up seriously and sung like all of the one direction songs i knew off the top of my head. now it was my turn to be the judge...

i sat down at the table and said in a stupid voice 'would Nadia please come to the stage.' and instead of coming up she runs to my side and knocks me out of my chair. i flew to the ground and the table and chair fell on me and everything that was on the table! it was soooooooooooo funny. then nadia picks up the table and chair and leaves me there to die! it was hilarious!

and oh yeah! today was pretty good. i handed in my assignment and my note about getting in trouble. and one about a movie our class is going to see. and the other day i saw the PERFECTEST dress in the world. it was in the shop window and i want it for my year 7 dance. and some really bad news.. i missed out on tickets for  one direction because my mum said they were to much money. i was so depressed that i didn't go to scrap booking this after noon. leave me alone to die!!!!!!!!!!

and OMG!!! the other day we were in class and Nadia had to go up and say something to the class and she was petrified. this exactly how the conversation went.

"OMG molly I'm going to have a heart attack.." then we both burst out singing "getting over y-o-uu!" ill tell you what that gave her confidence!

until next time,

Molly :)


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