Amilia is an ordinary girl, as ordinary as she can be when she's in love with a angel boy named Brendon. As he is the only angel her age, and still training, he has been assigned her "angel guardian" but having revealed himself to her, they now share a bond between their two worlds.

AuThOrS nOtE: !! Important: I make all of these ony iPod, and since I have a VERY big writers block in my way, the chapters will only be short :) !!


3. Falling

Brendans POV:

Ow! Again?! I rubbed my foot and looked at the bag on the floor. I always knew why I was put with this girl... Because if she gets into trouble, her clumsiness could kill her. That's not all, I also love her. I have since I first saw her. And that was when we were like, four, (we're the same age) when I 'fell' into the human world and since I wasn't a guardian of anyone and obviously, I was too young to be able to make myself invisible in the human world. So when I 'fell' in her backyard while she was playing, and bruised my knee. She might remember it, because when humans see an angel, they don't see the wings, or a white dress or tux, they see our human side. So I was a four year old boy who fell out of the sky, and landed right in front of her. Lucky there was a tree close by which had branches that covered a whole eight metres squared. And I'm also lucky she was right next to the base of it. She took me inside and yelled to her mum that a boy fell out of tree and hurt himself, and of course her mum came straight away, and fixed me up. She took me down the street after 'patching me up' as Dana (her mum) puts it and since it was trouble when an angel fell, we had houses everywhere in the human world, just in case. And if an angel falls, and stays in the human world for more than two hours without being a guardian they start to fade. And their human form will die, and so will their angel form. So like I said, we have houses every where, and they are all less than two hours away, just in case, and pretty luckily for me, there was one on the end of Amilias street. So when you enter the house there's a portal, and both my patents were there, and they thanked dana and asked if they could do anything to repay her, but she said she was fine, and that she 'just wanted to take him home because he didn't look too well'
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