Amilia is an ordinary girl, as ordinary as she can be when she's in love with a angel boy named Brendon. As he is the only angel her age, and still training, he has been assigned her "angel guardian" but having revealed himself to her, they now share a bond between their two worlds.

AuThOrS nOtE: !! Important: I make all of these ony iPod, and since I have a VERY big writers block in my way, the chapters will only be short :) !!


2. Explanations

Amilias POV:

My name is amilia and well, I'm just your average girl! I don't know why but sometimes when I lean over into the other side of my desk at school to grab a pencil that rolled over there I just feel this feeling like I've walked through a sheet of pure happiness and it also happens at home when I drop something, exept when I do sometimes there's this wall of annoyance that just goes through me, know what I mean? You know how sometimes you just shiver for no reason? Some people think that when that happens a ghost just went through you, I belive that these feelings that come out of nowhere are exactly that. Like its happy to touch me, but when I drop some thing 'on top of it' it's just purely annoyed at me. And all this stuff happens a lot because, well, I'm pretty clumsy and I lose stuff a lot.
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