Amilia is an ordinary girl, as ordinary as she can be when she's in love with a angel boy named Brendon. As he is the only angel her age, and still training, he has been assigned her "angel guardian" but having revealed himself to her, they now share a bond between their two worlds.

AuThOrS nOtE: !! Important: I make all of these ony iPod, and since I have a VERY big writers block in my way, the chapters will only be short :) !!


13. Drowning

Amilia's POV


I was shrouded in black, all I could see, was the void of black. I heard voices, surrounding me, screaming at me. To "come back". What did they mean? I'm here, they just need to come in to see me.. I felt a shudder pas through my body, as the blackness around me transmuted into a garden scene. i remember this. The day Brendon fell out of the tree. I watched as my younger self led the younger Brendon to my mother, and smiled. I was then ripped away from the scene, to a different one. It was the camp's pool, and I could see Brendon, Emily, Dan, and the others leaning over a body while the instructor was on the phone, panicking frantically and screaming into the phone "Get an ambulance out here now!"


I walked up to Emily, and went to put my hand on her shoulder and ask what was going on. But my hand slipped right through her. I screamed, and stepped back. What was happening? Why did my hand go through Emily!

"AMILIA! Please, please don't die!" I heard Brendon scream, and saw tears falling rapidly down his face. I walked through Emily and stood, gaping at the ground. My body, lifeless, was on the ground, Brendon shaking me and screaming at me to "wake up".

I raised my hand to my face, and was whisked away from the scene while brushing tearrs away from my cheek.

"Am I dead now?" I wondered to myself as I was transpoted to a short hallway. I walked to the end of it, and opened the door at the end. I saw a huge room as I stepped inside, and saw the door behind me dissapear. Looking ahead, i saw a man, dressed in white.


"I am Joshua. Lead of the Angel race. And I beleive my son is down there trying to resurrect you." he started, and I could feel myself almost cry again.

"Why? Why! Why is this happening to me!" I screamed at him, the tears streaming down my face again. "Why can't I be happy?"

"Well, we can put you back, but we'd have to take another life. That's the way it goes. Eye for an eye." He drawled as he completely ignored that I screaming and crying in what looked like his living room.

"Who would you take?" I asked as I steadied my voice.

"Brendon, of course. He isn't right for you. Forgive my clumsiness. He let his love for you get in the way of his job, and killed you in the process." he answered harshly, and snapped his fingers. A glowing orb appeared in front of us, and when I touched it I could see thae camp pool again, but instead of Brendon crying over me, i saw him being pushed into the water, and Emily looking furious, like Natalie, Dan and Joel. As soon as Brendon was fully immersed, joel jumped on top of him, and snapped his hands around Brendons throat. I saw panic fill Brendon's eyes, and a burst, as two extremely huge white wings exploaded from his back, and I saw a panicked look envelope Joel's face. Brendon shut his eyes, and dissapeared. Leaving Joel underwater looking like he was going to die of fright.

"Brendan!" I cried, as I felt a feather land in my hand. Looking at it, I saw it had golden tips, and a small note attached to it.


"I'm sorry Amilia. I've failed you. I can't live with myself. I hope that father will keep you

with him untill I arrive. I'm sorry. I didn't protect you like I promised."

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