Amilia is an ordinary girl, as ordinary as she can be when she's in love with a angel boy named Brendon. As he is the only angel her age, and still training, he has been assigned her "angel guardian" but having revealed himself to her, they now share a bond between their two worlds.

AuThOrS nOtE: !! Important: I make all of these ony iPod, and since I have a VERY big writers block in my way, the chapters will only be short :) !!


11. Camp: First Lesson

Emily's POV


I laughed as Amilia spazzed about Natalie moving her teddy bear. We were all really exited because the camp lasted a whole week, from today to friday. Natialie told Amilia where her teddy was, and she ran towards the spot where it was hidden. It was a little pink cat and she hugged it.

"Why do you love that teddy so much?" I asked her.

"Because Brendon made it for me." She replied simply. It must of been true, I hadn't seen any of them in the shops before. I looked at the groups which consisted of six people each. there were only 80 people at the camp. three-to four people a dorm. The people in my group were: Amilia, Nat, Me, Brendon, Joel and Dan.

the timetable for today was:

Breakfast,double archery, pool, break, pool, giant swing, canoeing, lunch, movie, earth ball (whatever that was) double break, rock climbing and dinner. then we had the walk to the nearest beach, supper then bed. Lights out was nine thirty, so we could have a shower and gossip however we wanted.

I called to the other girls and we headed towards the archery station, the boys were already there. I smiled and stood in front of the left handed bow, there was two, and Joel had managed to get the cooler loking one. I saw Amilia pick up a bow next to Brendon and smile at him. The instructor told us what to do and we started. I accidentally peirced my hand picking up an arrow when I was allowed to get it. The instructor had to tape it up and I had a bit of a hard time holding the bow afterwards.


Amilia's POV


I saw Emily peirce her hand and winced, that would have really hurt I had discovered I was actually quite good with archery, and Brendon was quite bad at it. He laughed and admitted defeat as we got told to head to the pool.

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