Amilia is an ordinary girl, as ordinary as she can be when she's in love with a angel boy named Brendon. As he is the only angel her age, and still training, he has been assigned her "angel guardian" but having revealed himself to her, they now share a bond between their two worlds.

AuThOrS nOtE: !! Important: I make all of these ony iPod, and since I have a VERY big writers block in my way, the chapters will only be short :) !!


9. After School

Brendon's POV:


Finally. Today couldn't have been longer if it tried. As I went up to Amilia after school I gave her a hug. Maybe dad wasn't being unreasonable. I was in a fully human form now no little glow around my body. And definitely no hint of the clothes I wear in my realm.

While hugging her I whispered in her ear: "Amilia, do you want to know what you really are?" I felt her stiffen under my embrace.

"You mean I'm not just a human?" she whispered.

"Nope, You're a faery. You were born with powers you can't nearly imagine, and technically, we're nineteen."


Amilia's POV:


I'm not just a human?! I never knew I was a faery. And I'm.. Nineteen?!

'What do you mean? And how can you tell I'm a faery?"

"Because, I'm part Fae too. Why do you think we're so attracted to eachother? My father doesn't know you're one of the Earth's Guardians. Neither does your mum. She knew, but shje had her memories wiped by her husband. One of the council's operators.-"

"Wait, Earth's Guardian?"

We had reached my street by then, so we weren't whispering anymore.

"Yea, you have the elemental powers of the fae, I have the healing."

"So I could create ice-caps and whatever?"

"Maybe, depends on how much you concentrate your powers, for now I'd concentrate on not burning your house down."

I laughed which resulted in a gush of air messing up Brandon's hair.

"Woa, That's powerful. Why did that happen? It's never happened before." I said.

"Thats because you're actually aware of the being you are."


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