She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


14. Not a chapter


 Author's Note :

               I'm sorry if this isn't an update to a new chapter, I'm just gonna take a short break. . . Actually, I'm going to rewrite this story, gonna make it all better, I know my writing is crap after all, don't mention it. I'm just gonna rewrite this story and post again. I'm very sorry. 

I'm gonna delete this once I returned and update a new version of this story, 'She's The Bully' :) 

I promise I'll be back, even though if you don't care if I'm coming back to post a new version of this or not. 

Gotta go, peeps :)






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