She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


9. 9: "Revenge"


(Hayley's POV)


My eyes fluttered open by the sun that's shining through the window. I turn to my left as I saw Harry, still sleeping soundly. I stood up from the bed, carefully not to wake him in his peaceful sleep and tiptoed out of the room. I went inside the kitchen and found cereals in the cabinet, I grabbed it along with a bowl and a spoon and set it on the kitchen counter. I grabbed a carton of milk inside the fridge and pour some of it in the bowl with cereals. 


I walked inside the living room and sat on the couch, I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV. It landed on a kiddie show as I watched it. While eating my breakfast, I noticed that Harry's standing at the doorway to the living room, and he's staring at me. What could be his problem?


"Problem?" I asked him, he shook his head as he went back to his room. I shrugged it off as I turned back to watch a Mickey Mouse show on TV whilst continuing eating my breakfast. 


All of a sudden, I heard a gentle knock on the door. I stood up from my seat, leaving my breakfast on the empty coffee table and open the door. 


"Good morning!" They greeted altogether. 


"Good morning" I replied as I let them in. 


"Where's Harry?" Louis asked.


"He's in his room" I answered as he sprinted inside Harry's room while the other boys and Breanne were sitting on the couch. . . Except for Niall, who's in the kitchen. Typical Niall.


I grabbed my bowl of cereal and continued eating on the armchair next to the couch. 




(Harry's POV)


I noticed Louis entered my room and sat next to me. 


"You okay mate?" he asked. . . To be honest, I really don't know if I'm okay or not so I just shrugged.


"You can tell me everything, I know something bothers you" he said. Louis and I were the closest in the band, and he's also my best friend so I cannot hide anything from him.


"Well" I paused, not knowing what I'm going to say next. Suddenly, I noticed Hazel





Or should I say Hayley was going to knock on the door.


"I um. . . Just going to take a shower" she said.


"Um, sure" I answered her as she went inside the bathroom.


"We'll just talk later, Lou" I told him, he nodded as we got out of my room. I can't believe that I'd met my old bully again. . . and this time, I'll be the one who's going to pull a prank instead of her.






"Is everyone ready?" Liam asked. we all nodded as we went inside the van. Paul was the one who's siting on the driver's seat while Liam's the one who's on the passenger seat, and the rest of us were at the back. Finally, we'll be going to tour around in different states in America. Can't wait!


As we reached the airport, we all got out of the van and we're so glad that they were only few fans around here, we went to them and took some pictures and autographs for them. When we finished, we headed to the gate to the plane. The plane took off and we were now heading to U.S.


"Harry" Louis called.


"What?" I asked. Good thing that he's sitting beside me.


"About what you want to talk about earlier?" he asked. I stood up from my seat and looked behind to see Breanne and Hayley listening to their iPods with their eyes shut. I sat back on my seat and started to talk at Louis. I told him everything happened in the past until now. 


"So, she's your bully in the past?" he asked, I nodded in response. 


"I was actually planning something" I said in an evil-toned voice. . . 


"What is it?" 


"Well, I was planning to play with her" (A/N: not play like. . . . ya know!)


"Play like. . . Pulling pranks?" he asked, I nodded.


"Okay" he said, unsure.


"But you must tell her the truth one day" he added.


"Uh, yeah. . . sure" I replied.


"Remember what I said, Haz" he reminded me.


"Yeah, fine. Whatever" I said as I leaned back on my seat, watching Lion King on screen. It's been a long time since I watched this.


While watching, I was thinking how I could get my revenge on her








~End of Chapter~



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