She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


7. 7: "Want To Come With Us?"


(Hayley's POV)


I quickly stood up from my seat and headed inside my room. I locked it and quickly jumped on bed. I really, really don't like that movie at all. You can force me to watch any horror movies except it. I can't stand watching it. I just simply grabbed the remote from the bedside table and turned on the TV. I flicked the channels as it landed on 'Family Guy', great way to calm my mind. I just want to be alone now. Well, I decided to paint my nails so I stood up from my bed and went to the desk's lower drawer where I keep all the nail polish in different color. I grabbed a violet polish and went back to my bed. I started to paint my nails on the left hand before the right. Well, it takes 15 minutes for me to paint my whole nails, now all I had to do is to dry it.


"Perfect!" I murmured to myself as it dried. Then, I heard a knock on the door. I stood up from my bed and opened the door to see Breanne, with the boys behind her.


"What?" I asked.


"Louis and the boys has something to say to us" she said. Great way to disturb me.


"Well, we actually going to tour around the U.S. by the next week" He paused. I noticed Breanne pouted. I know that they're starting their relationship.  


"And??" I said, crossing my arm and leaned against the door frame.


"If you guys want to come with us" he finished. What!? No, I don't want to! I can't..


"Oh n-" I was cut off by her hand covering my mouth.


"Sure!" Breanne exclaimed as she gave Lou a big hug. Well, if that makes her happy, then I'll be happy. But i'm not happy. 


"Then go pack up! we're leaving tomorrow morning!" he added, Breanne hurriedly went into her room. I grabbed my luggage and went in our walk-in closet. 


"How long are we staying in U.S.?" I asked as I fold some of my shirts and jeans. And no, I'm not packing any dress, they'd think that I might impress someone there. Ugh.


"For two months" I heard Niall said as I noticed the boys were looking around the room.


"You're not packing any dress?" I heard someone asked. I turned around to see Harry's face were inches apart from mine. I felt my cheeks turned red as I turned back at my luggage and and zipped it.That's how I am fast when I'm packing.


"No" I answered as I dragged the luggage out of the closet and stood it next to Breanne's luggage. I went inside my room to pack my laptop, hair brush, some hair clips and bands, and other stuff I'll be needing while I'm away. I put all of it inside my small backpack. I heard that we'll be staying in their flat tonight.  


"Are you girls ready?" I heard Liam yelled.


"Yup!" Breanne yelled back. 


As I finished, I closed all the light inside my room before I locked it. I noticed Harry's carrying my luggage while Louis carries Breanne's luggage. We followed them until we got out of our flat and Breanne locked it. We went inside the elevator. . . Zayn pressed the ground floor button as the door closed. 


~End of Chapter~





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