She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


3. 3: "You Didn't Tell Your True Name?"


(Hayley's POV) < Also Hazel ( XD )


"Guys, we have to go" I heard someone said. Maybe their bodyguard. I can see from their faces that they're sad. 


"Come on, Lads" Liam said as they went out of the shop, still holding their drinks. I noticed Breanne smiling like a retard. 


"What did you get?" I asked her, curiously. 


"Well, Louis ask for my number" she said as she smiled. Felt like she won the lottery. 


"I look stupid in front of them right?" I asked, she nodded. 


"Well, not really" she added as we finished our drinks. We stood up from our seat and throw the cup on the trash can before we went back to our flat. I quickly calm down as we went inside the elevator. The building has 10 floors only but it's kinda gigantic for me because every flat (apartment) has enough size for 5-7 people to live. But our flat was on the 7th floor. 


"You know" she started as the elevator opened. We stepped out of it and headed inside our flat as I collapse on the long couch in the living room. 


"What?" I asked her as she turned on the TV. 


"I noticed Harry earlier kept staring at you" she answered. My body shaken when she said her name. Do he remembered me already?


"But don't worry, he seems to like you, on how he stared at you, he looked like heaven enlighten him" she added. Does he like me!? Pfft.. Impossible. 


"Impossible, if he already know that I was his bully in the past, he'll take revenge on me" I said as relaxed myself on the couch. Then the morning show came on as my eyes widened. They're on the morning show. One Direction is on the TV. I was supposed to snatch the remote on the coffee table but Breanne noticed me and slapped my hand.


"Ow" I yelped in pain.


"Don't you dare" she warned me, I crossed my arm like an immature child. 


"By the way, why you didn't tell your true name?" she asked.


"Because, um, you know.....I just, freaked out I think so I told him my name's Hazel" I replied as I went inside my room to change into a baggy shirt and shorts before I went back to the living room. Now I heard them performing on the TV.


"What's the song they singing?" I asked her.


"Kiss You" she answered as I went back to the couch. I noticed that she's smiling like a retard. Again. I grabbed my phone and checked out my Twitter. . Nothing new. I went to the app I installed in my phone and went to read stories. When it comes to this, I feel like i'm in my own, little world. She knew me when I want to read stories made up of random people around the world. 


It's been an hour since I finished the whole story. It was amazing, actually. I felt my eyes gone heavy so I decided to take a nap here on this couch. Soon, I drifted off to sleep.


* * * * * * * *


"She's so beautiful when she's sleeping" I heard someone said. It's kinda familiar.


"Shut up, We all know you like her" another one spoke.


"Yeah, yeah. Shut up before she wake up and listen to what were talking about" 


My eyes fluttered open as I saw 3 figures staring at me, since my eyes were still blur, I decided to rub my eyes like a little kid. As my vision got clearer, my whole body shake






"Good afternoon to you" Harry said. His sparkly green eyes were staring at mine. . . NO! This couldn't be happening right now! This is a DREAM!!! I mentally slapped myself.


"What are you doing?" he asked. Seems like I did it on purpose. 


"Hey, you're awake!" I heard Breanne said. I shot her a glare. How could she didn't tell me that they were coming over!? I wish I could runaway now. . . 


~End of Chapter~




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