She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


2. 2: "You Again"


(Harry's POV)


I woke up to the sound of Louis yelling. . What the hell does he yell in the morning!? I groaned as I buried my head under the pillow.


"Wake up, curly hair!" He yelled as I noticed him jumping on my bed. 


"Get out, Lou!" I yelled back. I was in my good sleep until he barged in my room and wake me up like this.


"Louis!" I groaned as my bed turns out into a trampoline. Then, I noticed all of the lads are now jumping on my bed.


"You have to wake up, Haz!" I heard Liam yelled. Someone pulled out the duvet sheets as I felt goosebumps all over me.


"Alright, I'm up!" I gave in, getting out of my bed and into the bathroom. They went out of my room, leaving neat clothes on the desk. I went inside the bathroom to take a quick shower. I almost forgot that we have to attend a morning show today. As I finished, I went out of the bathroom and blowdried my hair before wearing a plain shirt and pants, along with my white converse. I went out of my room as they all dragged me out of the house and into the van. 


"I didn't have any brea-" I was cut off.


"We know, we actually going to the coffee shop before we head to the morning show" Louis said as he closed the van door and Paul started to drive.




As we reached the coffee shop, Niall got out first of the van before us. Typical Niall. We went inside one by one as I saw a girl grabbing a magazine on the newsstand, she looked up at us and her blue-ish eyes stared at mine. I could tell she was really pretty, but it reminds me of someone whom I couldn't remember.


"Let's go guys, I'm hungry" Niall whined before we all chuckled at his immature act. Louis and Liam went to the counter while the three of us went to a table next to the booth where the girl I saw earlier sitting there, feeling uncomfortable. What could it be the problem?


(Hayley's POV)


My body was shaking because I saw him, AGAIN. And the worst is, they sat next to our table. Lord, I know I made a big mistake in the past, but why right now!? I'm still not ready for this. . . I don't know if he still remember me. I wish he still didn't. PLEASE!


"Hayl (A/N: Pronounce a 'HALE'), are you okay?" Breanne asked.


"Gosh, you scared me" I said as I pretend to read the magazine I had.


"Oh, I know why" she said as she gave me my drink.


"Shut up!" I mouthed at her as I took a sip from my drink. 


"Is he staring at me?" I whispered at her, she nodded.


"Um, do you guys have any extra sugar?" that husky voice seems familiar. CRAPPP!


"Shit" I mouthed as I put down the magazine and did a fake-grin at Harry.


"Here ya go" I said as I handed him the extra sugar we have. I feel my whole body shaking, my palms are sweating and I mouthing cursed words while the magazine was covering my face. 


"Um, thanks love" he said as he went back to his friends. 


"Let's go!" I mouthed her, she shook her head as she looked at them, what the hell is she doing staring at them!? 


"Breanne, what the hell!?" I whispered at her.


"What's your problem, Hayley?" she whispered.


"You know what's my problem right?" 


"I know, but it seems like he doesn't remember you at all, so calm down" she whispered at me before gazing back at them.


"What's your name, Love?" I heard someone said at her.


"I'm Breanne" she replied as she shook her hands with the guy who wore a striped shirt and red pants.


"And this is my friend, Hay-" I cut her off.


"Hazel, my name's Hazel" I lied as I shook my hands with him. I noticed Breanne shot me a 'what-the-hell-are-you-saying' look. 


"Well, nice meeting you, Breanne and Hazel" he said as the other boys stood up beside him. Unluckily, Harry's beside me, standing. Talking about AWKWARDNESS.


~End of Chapter~



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