She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


13. 13: "First day in US"



(Hayley's POV)


I woke up, hearing the door shut. I draped the curtains off as I hopped off of the bunk. I let out a yawn before heading inside the bathroom. I shook my head as I washed my face before grabbing my toothbrush and filling it up with Colgate. I brushed my teeth gently as I heard a running water behind the shower curtains. 


"Mind if you knock first before barging in while I'm still showering' I heard Harry's voice, I shrugged him off as I spit out and gargled with water.


"It's not that I'm going to peek, idiot' I replied as I heard the curtain opened.


"I'm out!" I quickly replied as I went out of the bathroom quickly. 


I sighed as all eyes were on me, some of the boys were raising an eyebrow at me. I gave them a questioning look as Louis started to speak. 


"What did you and Harry did inside the bathroom?" 


"What the!? Nothing! Why you would expect me to do something with that faggot!?" I replied.


'I heard Harry yelled from the bathroom, " It hurts to be called a faggot!!" 


"Whatever" I muttered. "Look, I just came there and brushed my teeth, nothing more" I told them. They just nodded as we all heard the toaster ding, popping out toast bread. Before Niall could get one, I quickly grabbed it. 


"Hazel!" he whined.


"I'll treat you Mcdonalds later, Niall" I told him as he made a happy dance from his seat. I giggled as I spread Nutella on the bread before taking a bit from it. But then, Harry quickly stole it from my hands.


"Harry!" I grunted, he chuckled at me.






It's been two hours since the boys are gone for rehearsals, Breanne and I got nothing to do, we got tired of playing Wii, or even watching TV. I groaned in my seat as I slouched a little further. 


"Let's go!" I heard her call.


"Where?" I asked, sitting up as I looked at her. . .


"Go out, duh?" she said.


"Oh" was all I managed to say before standing up and quickly putting my hair in a ponytail. I wasn't bother to come out, just wearing a shirt and shorts, since it was a bit hot this day, not like in London. . . 


As we kept walking down the pavement, I saw some teenager girls looking at us, like someone fell down from the sky. I took a deep breath as we entered one of the coffee shops. Good thing, the boys provided us a couple of bucks, just to roam around here. We both headed to the counter as we ordered cool coffee drinks, I wonder if they had cool Milk Teas here. 


"That'll be 6 dollars" the cashier said as Breanne paid from her drink. I did buy the same as Breanne ordered, as I was about to pull out 6 dollars, something quickly hopped off of my wallet as I squealed. It was turned to find out that it was just a fake cockroach. What a way to start my 'embarrassing' day. . . But who would put something on my wallet with that!? Boys, oh boys! 


"You okay, dear?" the cashier asked, I nodded as I gave her the money before grabbing our drinks as we slid on one of the empty booths inside. Can't believe that I am being prank right now, never thought of anyone would do that. . . I'm still curious of who's going to do that. . .


"Hello, earth to Hayley" Breanne snapped her fingers right in front of my face as she shook me out of my thoughts.


"Yeah, yeah... um" I paused as I went outside, to see some teenagers taking a picture from us through their phones. Seriously, what is with teenagers these days? Are they our official stalker or a set up for another prank that would be happening to me, soon.


'I think. . . they knows that you and Louis are dating 'officially'" I told Breanne.


"That's why" she mumbled as the girls from the outside went quickly inside the shop and stood right in front of our booth.


"Can we take a picture with you, guys?" one of the girls asked. We both nodded a she squealed lightly before taking a picture.


"Are you. . . Louis' girlfriend right?" the girl asked.


"Yeah, I am" Breanne replied.


"Oh my gosh, you are so pretty. . . I shipped 'Loueanne'" she said. Seriously, shipping a couple?? That's how crazy are their fans, right?


"Do you date one of them. . . because, honestly. I like you with Harry" as the last word slipped her mouth, I almost choked at my drink, at the same time my eyes widened.


"No, I don;t. And I don't have a plan on dating one of them" I told the girl, as she slowly nodded.


"But if that happens, I'll be your first supporter. . Wait! what if you and Harry really get toge---" I cut her off. . .


"Goodbye, I can't hear of what you're going to say next, I honestly would say that I'm not dating that Harry faggot" I said, shooting a smile at her.


"Bye!" as she went out of the shop. 


"That was. . . awkward" I said, as I could see some people looking at us. . . like they're telling us that were still young to think of that, YOLO?? I don't think so. . ..





Author's note : I wasn't updating often, as I didn't promise cause I knew that would happen. Well, sorry for this kind of short chapter because I have no time. And I'll be busier because I handle a lot of stories, as I would say... Don't mention it, I've got 11 new stories, including this one. 

I didn't proof read, and i'm sorry for the wrong grammars here in this chapter, kind of a hurry before my mum caught me still using this computer. . . Don't forget to like this up!! Byie :D




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