She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


11. 11: "Jealous!?"


(Hayley's POV)


"What the!?" I said as I felt the cold water hit my thighs under my wet jeans. Who could have do this!? I know Harry doesn't, he doesn't remember me. . . yet! But who!?


"What happened?" Liam suddenly asked as he tilted his head to look at what happened.


"Seems like someone made you wet" Harry joked.


"Ha, ha. This isn't funny, I'm not in the mood to joke with you" I said sarcastically at him, he quickly shut up as he leaned back on his seat. I stood up, walking out from the table and to the ladies room, just to get rid this wet feeling on my jeans.


As I walked inside the ladies room, I turned to look at the mirror. I sighed as I took a tissue paper from the side of the faucet, wiping the wet part of my jeans. . . It takes 3-4 minutes until I not-so successfully dried off the half part of the wet part of my jeans.  


I went out of the ladies room, heading back when my eyes met Dylan's. He went towards, smiling as I just stood in my place, like someone puts a glue onto my shoes so I cannot move.


"Hey, you're?" he asked, stopping for awhile in front of me. 


"I'm Hayley" those words spitted out from my mouth, but just a whisper.


"Hello, Hay--" I cut him off.


"Hazel for short" I told him, he nodded as we shook hands. 


"I noticed that your little. . . boyfriend is jealous earlier when I took your orders" he said, looking at the table.


"Who's my boyfriend, I don't have one" I laughed as I noticed he got embarrassed. How cute when his cheeks turned red.


"I thought that he was your boyfriend" he said, pointing at. . . Harry!? Heck to the no that I'm going to be his girlfriend.


"Nonsense, he isn't" I replied. 


"Oh" was all he managed to say. I just smiled at him.


"Maybe if I could get your numb--" he was cut off. . . by someone.


"The food is ready!" I heard Harry yelled from the table, making everyone turned to look at him, jealous much!? Wait what!? Jealous!? 


I shot him a glare before turning back to Dylan.


"What were you're going to say again?" I asked him.


"If I could have your number. . . . If that's okay" Dylan said.


"Sure" I replied as he handed me a piece of tissue paper and a pen. I scribbled my cellphone number down on the tissue paper.


As I finished, I gave it back to him as he put it at his pocket. I handed him his pen as he said goodbye to me before he went back to his work. I smiled happily, walking back at the table to see all of them started to eat. I slid down on my seat as I started to eat too. 


"What the heck was that!?" I quickly said at Harry, he turned to look at me. 


"What?" he questioned, as if nothing happened earlier.


"About shouting at me like 'The food is ready!'" I said, quoting the words he said earlier.


"W-What, you said you were hungry" he replied.


"You could at least shut the heck up and do nothing, it's like you're jealous" I said as the last word slipped through my mouth. The boys went and exchanged glances to Harry and to the other boys.


It really pissed me off when someone's hiding something from me!




(Harry's POV)


 "You could at least shut the heck up and do nothing, it's like you're jealous" she said, making me frozen in my seat. The boys started exchanging glances at me and to the others. How could she think that I am jealous!? I've been jealous for like an hour ago when we've just met that Dylan waiter. 


If he didn't just suddenly appeared, then I wouldn't be so. . . affected to these kind of situation. I may be like Hayley, but for some reasons, something would just stop me from liking her.  I don't know what to do!? Maybe she'll be apologize to me anytime, just when the time come for her to apologize. . . I know what we have in the past is tragic, and I couldn't slip those out of my mind easily. 


But, no matter what happens. I'll be still continuing my plans. . . .



~End of Chapter~





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