She's The Bully

Hayley Grace Addams once became a bully of Harry Styles when they were in 5th grade. No wonder when she grew up, she didn't expected to meet him again even though she knew now that he belongs to a famous boy band called One Direction. What will happen next? Would she act like nothing happen? Or would Harry remember her?


(C) 2012


10. 10: "Fridays!"


(Hayley's POV)


"Wake up!" I heard Breanne said, shaking my shoulders. I opened my eyes to see that we're the last ones here in this plane. I stood up from my seat as I saw the boys heading out of the plane, along with our luggage.


As we got out, we saw hundreds of their fans waiting inside the airport. Some of them are wearing too much make-up and some others were wearing slutty outfits. . . It disgust me. The screams gone wild as more fans increased. I feel like a sandwich, pushing my whole body to someone in front of me as we got out of the airport.


How come I only noticed that I was pushing myself in front of Harry. . . Awkward. O.o


"Tour bus!" They altogether exclaimed as they hurriedly went inside. We headed inside their tour bus. It has a small lounge, six bunks, a small kitchen and bathroom. They put our luggages next to the bunks on the left side. 


"I'm here!" Liam said as he occupied the lower bunk on the right side. Zayn's the next one who occupied the another lower bunk on the left side, across Liam. Louis chose the middle bunk, along with Niall to the other one, across Louis. Harry's the last one so he chose the higher bunk.


"You sleep here, too" Louis said to Breanne as he patted his occupied bunk. So I'm on the higher bunk, across to Harry's. . .What a Luck! *note the sarcasm* -__-


"I'm hungry" Niall whined.


"Alright, Niall. Well actually, we're heading to TGI Fridays . . . according to Paul" Liam replied. 


"Where's Pa--" Niall was cut off.


"Ready, guys?" Paul asked, we all nodded. 


"I wanna eat now, Paul" Niall said.


"Alright, Niall" Paul replied as he went bck to the front part of the tour bus. And now, we're moving. . probably, someone's driving right now. I feel the same way as Niall. I'm terribly hungry right now. 


It took 15 minutes until we reached our destination, TGI Fridays. . . I love Fridays! Niall and were the first one to got out of the bus and headed inside the restaurant. We were the first one to look at the menu book before them. As I finished, I put it down, and I noticed Harry's sitting next to me.





He snatched the menu book and started to call a waiter.


"What are your order, guys?" the waiter asked us. I noticed the muscular arms of the waiter as he pulled his notepad and pen out of his apron's pocket. I found myself staring at him. And with that, I looked at his nametag, 




What a sexy name for him. . . .


"Ow!" I yelped in pain. Who the heck kicked my foot!? 


"It's your turn to order!" Harry muttered as he stared at me. . . he shot me a glare, I shrugged it off as I told Dylan my order-with a mix of flirty in my voice as I continued to tell him my order.


"Is that all?" he asked.


"Well, I--" I was cut off.


"Yes it is, now would you please hurry up because we are really starving" Harry said, fake-smiling gladly at him. What the heck is his problem!? Was he jealous!? Pfft. . . Impossible! I leaned back on my seat as I crossed my arms. . . I was freaking pissed off right now.




(Harry's POV)


Before Hayley continue to flirt with that 'Dylan' waiter, I quickly shooed him away, back to his own business. I've noticed Hayley since the waiter came to take our orders. I could tell that he worked out pretty well, I mean, every girls. . . Including Hayley were amazed by his muscular arms. Well, Breanne didn't bother to look at the waiter because she's being loyal to Louis. I felt a pang inside me when Hayley tried to flirt with him. I shot her a glare. . . 


Was I really jealous, that much!??


I still like her, though. . . .  And I'm more sexier and fitter than that Dylan waiter. 


"Seems like someone's jealous" Liam joked. . . We all laughed.


"Very funny, Liam" I replied, sarcastically before I shot him a 'shut-up' glare. He stopped as the waiter came back with our drinks. The boys and I ordered water only while the girls ordered Pepsi. 


I took a sip from my drink as I finally made up a plan. I wish she doesn't notice what I'm going to do. I carefully pushed my glass of water to the edge of the table while Hayley is still sneaking the waiter out. I make sure that no one's watching me while I'm doing it. I finally pushed it quickly and bring out my phone, pretending to type something. 


"What the!?" she said, shocked. We all looked at her, looks like I made her wet. 


~End of Chapter~


Author's Note: Looks like Harry made her wet. . . . haha! BTW, I'm very sorry for not updating often, I was too busy with all the school projects and etc. . . . I made the other chapters up to 15 in my notebook. . . It is just that sometimes, my head goes dizzy . . . Very sorry, guys :)) I'll try better next time I update. . . Well, I wish that I could update more often, I didn't use the word Promise because I knew I'll never fulfill that promise. . . Do you agree that Harry's fitter and sexier than Dylan? Stuck your tongue out and find a Harry photo and lick it for yes. . . Don't breathe for no. . . . JOKE! :D Of course, I agree with Harry! <3


BELATED Happy Birthday, Zayn Javaad Malik !!!! More wishes to come :))



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