Kaitlyns_Direction Dream. . . Louis Tomlinson

Kaitlyn York (Kaitlyns_Direction) has been in love with Louis Tomlinson for ages but when they meet she knows that the only way to bond with him, is to pretend she doesn't know who he is. Will Louis fall for her? Will the boys accept her?


1. Chapter 1


Modest Management
The Matrix Complex
91 Peterborough Rd

Dear Louis Tomlinson,

My name is Kaitlyn and I am your single biggest fan. I follow you, and obviously the other boys, but mainly you, on twitter and I have seen almost every twitcam you've done. I live in Australia but I have watched all your performances from X-Factor on Youtube and all the video diaries and tour diaries. I am in love with Kevin. . . Don't tell him >.>

I have a life sized poster of you in my room along with normal posters of the other boys, I don't have anything against them it's just that. . . I love your quirkiness. I listen to your solos everyday at school, they help me get through my day.

I wish one day to meet you and the boys but I can't afford to see you in concert.

Love and good luck from your most dedicated fan, Kaitlyn York Xx


I hit print on my word document and watched as it slid out of the printer. My first letter to Louis Tomlinson. My parents don't understand the connection I have with him. . . Although he just doesn't know it yet. I have been saving up the coins I find on the floors at school to be able to buy a stamp to send this letter to Louis, today I finally collected enough. If this doesn't give you enough of a clue then, my family is extremely poor. We live in a shed, just me, my mum and my little sister, who has just turned 3. My best friend showed me One Direction on her ipod a few months ago and ever since I have gone on proxy sites at school to watch them on Youtube.

I have a mobile phone but I get teased for it at school because I only have a really cheap NOKIA phone. I got it for my 15th a couple of years ago. It doesn't bother me though, I know it was the best my mum could afford, especially being a single mother with a baby on the way. My dad died a few weeks before my birthday, great present from him aye? Most older children would realise that a person can't stop from dying, but I do blame my dad, it was his own fault anyway. He smoked giving him lung cancer, he was fat, giving him diabetes, he was lazy and most of the time he would be outside watching t.v with his mates, causing him to have skin cancer. Honestly, I would love to have a father, one that could provide for our family but, I don't want him. I don't miss him. I will never miss him.

A fly buzzed past my face and I swatted it away with my hand. It landed on the paper in front of me. I looked around making sure I wouldn't disturb anyone in the liabrary before bringing my hand down and squishing it. I picked up the piece of paper and folded it up so the fly was on the inside and then realised, I just ruined the letter. I don't have enough money to print out a new copy. My eyes welled as I walked towards the bin, sadly dropping it in and walking away. Now I have to wait again.


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