Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


2. Trust your instincts

"So poptart how does it feel" Sam asked."How does what feel" I asked."Knowing that you're stronger than thosedirty blood suckers" Sam said."Sam" Dad said."So dad what should we do now"  I asked."Let's go hunting" Sam said."Ok" I agreed and we ran outside."Ok poptart do what I do" Sam said,he started running really fast then he lept into the air and landed as a wolf."I'll try" I said running.I did the same.I transformed into a beautiful brown wolf."Wow you look beautiful" Dad said."Yeah hey we should go pay mom and Renesme a visit" Sam said."Sam no we don't want Victoria getting killed trying to kill her mom and sister"."who says she'll get killed she's strong like you"."Sam I get that but she alone can't do it"."Who says she gets to do it alone"."Sam no" I butted in."Wait i hear something" Dad said."I don't" I said."Are you looking for the sound" dad asked."Yeah" I said."Well don't.Just trust your instincts" Dad said.I did I stopped looking for the sound and let my instincts do all the work."I hear it and smell it to" I said."It's a musk deer female" Dad said."Let's go get us a deer" I said."Ok but we need to be quiet very quiet" dad said.We slowly stalked our prey making circles around it,then I stepped on a twig,it snapped,and the deer looked up at me."Attack on 3" dad mouthed."1......2......3" I thoght then the whole pack leaped out of the trees and attacked."Now I feel that Tori should do the honor of killing it" Dad said.I nodded and ripped out its throat."Looks like poptarts first hunt was a sucess" Sam said.I got to drag the dead deer back home."So do we eat it raw or cook it" I asked."Some times but most of the time we cook it" Dad said."Well let's cook that deer" I said running back into my room."Ok now how do I go back to human" I asked myself.I tried and it worked but when I changed back I wasn't wearing any clothes,thank god I was alone in my room.I quicly changed into a white layered tank top,a pair of red skinny jeans,and some black toms."Hey gurl hey" Sam said stupidly when I walked ito the kitchin."Hey boy hey" I responded in a simalar voice.Dad laughed and went back to chopping up the deer."Soooooooo" Sam said."So what" I asked."Well when you turn thirteen your father has to let you date other guys"."Cool but why does this matter."Because we just got an invitation to your autimn dance.So who you gonna ask to take you" Sam said."Umm I don't know I'm pretty popular so I think someone will ask me I said,running my fingers through my thick,brown,wavy hair."Oh so miss popular thinks she doesn't need to do anything because every guy is desprate for her" Sam said."It's not my fault I was born pretty" I said pretending to cry.Sam and I both laughed,then We heard a knock at the door."I got it" I yeled jumping up.I ran to the door and saw some of my friends holding gifts with big smiles on thier faces."Aww you guys come on in"I said."Sam go put on a shirt we have guests" I yelled and Sam ran to his room."Ok so who squealed" I said looking at my friends."What" asked Jade,jade had black hair with purple highlights and brown eyes."Who said today is my birthday".Everyones eyes turned to Maddy,my best friend.Maddy was tall,she had long curly brown hair,and green eyes."Maddy did you tell them"."Yes and I invited Everett" Maddy teased."Oooooh who's Everett" Sam said walking back out to the kitchen."He's nobody "."Poptart has a boyfriend" Sam teased."I'm sorry Sam but who is the one who is the one who dodged 5 blow darts" I said."You" Sam said."Ok so we just stopped by to tell you were throwing you a party in the abandon log cabin in the woods" Maddy whispered to me."See you guys later then" I aid pushing them out the door."Hey cupcake you better get ready we're going to the Cullins for lunch" Dad said."Dad you sure it's a good idea to have me and Edward in the same room" I asked."Yeah don't worry now you can protect yourself" Dad said."Ok I'll go get changed" I said running to my room.I changed into a casual sweatshirt,some jeans,and some uggs."Alice is gonna hate me for this outfit" I told myself.I grabbed a bag that I had an extra change of clothes in."Hey poptart you ready to go" Sam said popping his head in my room."yeah" I said running out of my room to the car."Alright dad let's go" I said then we drove off.When we got to thier house I felt uneasy and my dad gave me a reassuring look."Dad I'm scared what if Edward tries to attack me again" I said."Rember just howl if you need the pack,we will always be there for you" Dad said

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