Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


17. They don't know about us

Tori's POV:
"Here text me I need to get home" I said leaving my cell number on Nathan's bed.Zayn picked me up bridal style and gave me an apologetic look."you ready to go" Zayn asked me.I nodded.Zayn jumped out the window and carried me to an ice cream place."I thought we could talk about things over ice cream" Zayn said."I'd like that a lot" I said.Zayn put me down at a table and went to order the ice cream.Zayn came back with 2 cups of chocolate ice cream and 2 spoons."ok so let's talk about what Louis told you" zayn said sitting down."Zayn why do we have to do this" I asked."I don't know but I do know that even if you don't love me I'll treat you like a princess" Zayn said."thanks Zayn but what about Liam does he know" I asked."no I couldn't tell him without you" Zayn said."ok let's go home and tell him then" I said.Zayn got up from the table and picked me up again."you do know that I love you" Zayn said."yeah" I said.I looked into Zayn's eyes and felt protected like he would never let me out of his sight,I never felt that way around Liam maybe Edward was right I shouldn't trust Liam."I love you too" I said."really I thought you loved Liam" Zayn said."I thought I did too" I said.Zayn put me down and led me into the house."Liam" Zayn yelled."yeah did you find her" Liam asked running to the living room."yeah but I need to tell you something Liam" Zayn said."yeah" Liam said."tori and I are........engaged" Zayn said."no you're not tori tell Zayn that you're my girl not his" Liam said."first of all Payne yes we are engaged and second of all I'm not a possession so don't even act like I am" I said."that's my future wife" Zayn said."sammich" I said."what" Zayn asked."it means she wants a sandwich" Louis said walking into the room."yeah how did you guys not get that" I asked."tori they don't know our secret language" Louis said."oh yeah but I still want a sammich" I said."I'll go make you one" Louis said."a blt but hold the lettuce,tomato,and the bread" I said."ok so just plain bacon" Louis asked."yeah duh" I said.Louis rolled his eyes and walked into the kitchen."sammich really" Zayn asked."Louis and I are weird people" I said."yeah" Liam agreed."well imma go take a shower" I said."have fun" Liam said."whatever" I said.I walked to the bathroom and turned on the water."we put locks ont the windows so don't try to run away again" I heard Zayn say."oh my god I'm trying to take a shower get out you pervert" I said."sorry but Lou asked me to make sure you don't run off again" Zayn said."ok but turn around" I said.zayn turned and I climbed in the shower."Louis also wanted me to ask you if you wanted an engagement party" Zayn said."only if I help make the guest list" I said."ok why don't we make the guest list when you get out" Zayn asked."sure" I said.
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