Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


6. Its all gonna be ok

Tori's POV:

"Hey Renesme wake up we need to keep moving" I said shaking Renesme."Oh my gosh Tori I had the worst nightmare that mommy and daddy and everyone else left but you and you needed to take care of me and i didn't know where the family was and a crazy girl was after us" Renesme said hugging ma and crying."Renesme it pains me to say this but that wasn't a dream and we need to go if we want to survive" I said picking up Renesme.I didn't want to become a wolf so I would just carry Renesme and I would save energy."Tori I'm scared what if she finds me what if she kills me" Renesme asked."Rensme I wont let that happen you're my sister and if she kills you I will kill her and dance on her grave" I told Renesme."Hey look we're almost there I see the house" Renesme said pointing to a house int the middle of a big clearing."Yeah I think it is let's go" I said speeding up.I knocked on the door and a young blonde women came to the door."Hello you must be Bella's daughters" She said."Yes we are and don't mention the V word around Renesme she's a little uneasy" I said pointing to Renesme who was clinging to my leg."Oh yeah I'm Stella by the way" She said walking me into the house."Ryan Bella's kids are here" Stella yelled."Oh hey I'll show you to your room" A man with dark brown hair said."Ok" I said.We followed him down a long hallway to a room with a bunk bed,two dressers,a flatscreen TV,and a few bean bag chairs."Here it is I'll come get you when dinner is ready" Ryan said then he closed the door."I miss mom and dad and aunt Alice and uncle Jasper and aund Rosealie and uncle Emmit and undle Jacob" Renesme said."I miss them too but we need to stay strong for them we'll see them some day" I said rubbing Renesme's back."I miss them so much" Renesme said crying on my shoulder."shhhh it's all gonna be ok just let it out" I said strokeing her hair.She sobbed on my shoulder for almost an hour untill Ryan came to get us for dinner."Come on let's go eat" I said getting up from the bed.We walked into the dining room and I saw 2 plates piled high with food.

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