Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


10. Harry


Wow I feel great after what happened with Tori and she seemed like she enjoyed it to."Lets get back to the house" I said to Tori while wwe were putting our clothes back on."Yeah" Tori agreed.We drove home in silence."Ok we can't act like anything happened we just need to act natural" I said to Tori."Alright let's go" Tori said.We opened the door and walked in."Hey Liam where have you been" Harry asked."Oh Tori and I were just out getting some breakfast" I said."Oh ok" Harry said,there was somehing about the way he looked at Tori that made me uneasy and louis must have noticed it to because he shot Harry the 'don't even think about it' look."Well I'm gonna go take a shower" Tori said walking out of the room."So where did you two go for breakfast" Louis asked."Oh umm that one place down the street" I said."Oh cool" Louis said."Well I'm gonna go make some tacos" Harry said getting up and walking into the kitchen."We should keep an eye on Harry just when he's around Victoria" Louis said to me."Yeah did you see how he was looking at her when we got home" I said."Yeah" Loui said.

Harrys POV:

When I saw the look on Liams face when he got home with Tori I knew something happened."I'm gonna go make some tacos" I said to the boys then I walked to the kitchen."Tori" I whispered to myself.I couldn't stop thinking about her,her long sexy brown hair,her sexy legs,her beautiful eyes,and her lips,she will me my next victim.

Tori's POV:

I took a shower and lied down on my bed to take a nap.I must have been asleep a long time because when I opened my eyes I saw the cold eyes of the last person I wanted to see.Harry.Then it became dark.

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