Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


22. Getting better

Tori's POV:
I woke up in Carlyle's office."you're awake" Louis exclaimed."what" I asked."you've been in a coma for a month" Louis said."do you feel dizzy" Carlyle asked."yeah a little" I said while grabbing my head."yeah,we haven't been able to get a lot of blood into you because you have AB- blood which is extremely rare" Carlyle explained."I know someone with AB-" I said."who" Carlyle asked."jade" I said."who's that" Louis asked."my friend" I said."here's you're cell phone" dad said while handing me my phone.I texted jade and told her I got attacked by a bear and that I needed a blood transplant."did you text her" Zayn asked."yeah,she'll be here soon" I said.I sat back in the bed and just thought.I was snapped out of my thoughts by Emmit falling on the floor and jade hugging me.Jade obviously went off on him."hey jade" I said.Jade slapped me."what was that for" I asked."for scaring the fuck out of me" jade said.Then jade kissed me."and that's because I lo e and missed you" jade said.I smiled."are you ready for the transplant" Carlyle asked."yeah" jade said.Carlyle grabbed a needle."here jade you can squeeze my hand if it hurts" I said while grabbing jades hand.Carlyle put the needle in jades arm and jade squeezed my hand."it's all for me" I said."Jade opened her eyes and saw the blood.She exposed her fangs."you're a vampire" I said."yeah" jade said."why didn't you tell me" I asked."because" jade said."I'm a where wolf" I said."you are" jade asked.I nodded."the entire family is either where wolf or vampire" Carlyle said.Jade nodded and the blood transplant finished."thanks jade" I said.Jade smiled,then Zayn cabe between us."are you ok" Zayn asked.Jade shoved him onto the floor and didn't move."how's Everett" I asked."he really misses you" jade said."I miss him too" I said."maybe when you get better you can see him" jade said."maybe" I said."she should get better sooner than planned because she's using vampire blood" Carlyle said.The blood started flowing into my arm and I immediately felt stronger."you should be healed in a few minutes" Carlyle said.
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