Tori was the daughter of Jacob and Bella.I know what you're thinking Jacob and Bella never had a kid.Well they did but it was before Bella was a vampire.Tori was a beautiful girl but thanks to Renesme Bella isn't there for her as much.then something happens and Tori needs to take care of Renesme and keep her safe.To do that she needs to move around alot.Well at one of her stoped they find that One Direction are some of the Vampires or Wherewolves that they need to stay with to keep Renesme alive.


16. Arranged marriage

Tori's POV:
"So tori do you wanna spend the night" Nathan asked me."umm I guess" I said."We don't have an extra room though so you'll need to sleep on the couch" Tom said."she can sleep in my room" Nathan said."I guess if she's ok with that" Tom said."yeah I used to share a room with a couple of my brothers friends but then one of them got kicked out when...." My voice trailed off remembering that day Harry got me."when what" Nathan asked."he raped me" I mumbled in a low voice."I didn't hear you what did he do" Nathan asked."nothing....just nothing" I said."ok" Nathan said."yeah not for me" I thought to myself.Nathan looked at me,I think I just said that out loud."you are an odd little girl" Tom said."yeah I just need some sleep" I said."I'll show you to my room" Nathan said.Nathan led me up to his room and I just fell down on his bed,I felt someone's arms around me and I saw Nathan smiling at me."I just thought that you could use a little heat since you didn't bother using the sheets" Nathan said.I smiled and fell asleep
Liam's POV:
I knew tori wasn't in the shower so I left to go look for her.after hours of walking around the streets I picked up on her sent and someone else's near a frozen lake so I followed the sent to a large house.I jumped into one of the trees and looked into the upstairs window.I saw Tori asleep in someone's arms but I couldn't tell who's.I looked closer and saw that it was that guy Nathan from the wanted.I got mad because our bands were in a rivalry and seeing the girl I love in his arms just made me want to kill him.I saw Nathan whispering in her ear and a smile grow across her face.That was when I couldn't keep watching so I left and went back to the house to tell the boys.
Tori's POV:
I woke up and saw Nathan."I'm so sorry" Nathan said."what do you mean" I said."you were talking about how your brothers friend got kicked out last night while you were sleeping did that really happen" Nathan asked."ok yes he raped me and then my brother had to come save me but please don't tell anyone" I cried."shhh it's ok I won't tell anyone" Nathan said pulling me closer to him."you're much more supportive than my brothers other friend" I said."can you at least tell me the whole story cuz it won't matter to me" Nathan said."ok" I said.I told him everything accept for the vampire where wolf,or the one direction thing.then I cried more."hey don't worry it's all ok" Nathan said.I smiled and Nathan kissed my forehead."I'll go get you some breakfast while you make yourself comfortable" Nathan said.Nathan left the room and I sat on the bed."hey baby you miss me" I heard Harry say. I turned around and saw Harry with an evil smirk on his face."why are you here" I asked."to finnish what I started" Harry said."please Harry don't" I begged."vampires always finnish hat they start" Harry said grabbing me and throwing me on the bed."please Harry I just wanna live my life without your interruptions" I said.Harry jumped on top of me and covered my mouth so I couldn't yell."the less you enjoy this the longer I'm gonna do it" Harry said then he started to rape me again.I lied there unable to move the pain was unbareable,then Nathan walked in and Harry stopped."get off of her" Nathan yelled trying to pull Harry off of me.Harry took his hand off my mouth."Liam" I yelled hoping Liam would come and save me again.But instead of Liam coming and saving me Niall,Louis,and Zayn.broke in and pulled Harry off of me."tori what's going on" Nathan asked me."I can't tell you I'm sorry Nathan" I said."Tori we need to go Liam's waiting at the house" Niall said."Liam" I said."yeah but you two can't be together" Louis said."what why" I yelled."because you and zayn are having an arranged marriage" Louis said."what no I'm staying with Liam no matter what he's the only guy I've ever met who's actually made me smile" I yelled.
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