As long as you love me

Alyssa is a 19 yeAr old girl that's dating Niall Horan. But what happens when her parents don't like him. Will she run away or not? Read to find out


3. Tonight

When I got home I got dressed fast. I was already late for tonight. I was so scared that I was going to barf I ran to the bathroom and puked. I was good after that

After a hour Niall arrived at our house. Mom and dad were dead silent thorough dinner and mom and dad ate fast. Oh Shit I knew this would happen they hate him because Niall will leave after dinner I fast to Niall was done. After Niall left I went up stairs got in my pjs and went down stairs

I could see that mom wasn't happy same with dad they had anger in there eyes like they wanted to kill Niall or something I don't but I could tell that they were fucking mad at me. I git out my phone it was only 7:30 Niall left at 7:00 I texted Niall sorry about my parents. He said it was fine. I look up to see that mom was asleep while dad was watching tv I put on my head phones and was listening to As Long As You Love me by JB it was my fave

Now it was 9:27 at night shit I was not tiered. I was playing my favorite game Ice Cream Jump when I got a text Niall: I babe miss u so much. Me: Ni my parent I think don't like u like at all. Niall: ok babe it ok. I need to go to bed got a interview tomorrow. Me:luv u
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