As long as you love me

Alyssa is a 19 yeAr old girl that's dating Niall Horan. But what happens when her parents don't like him. Will she run away or not? Read to find out


5. Plan

I woke up grabbed my phone and said to Niall. Me: Niall I have a plan. Niall: what is it!! Me:I running away for home but I need to picks up at the park. Niall: ok I'll pick you up. Yes he said yes luckily Niall has clothes for me.

After a hour Niall picked me up and I went to his house. " Alyssa"" yeah Niall""we need to go to your house""ok" I said so we got in the car and went to my house I went in my room and got clothes.

Nialls pov

Look Niall stay away from my daughter ok Alyssa dad said " no I love her" " she's not going to see you again so go home and don't come back or else"" or else what"" you know " so I
Got in my car and text that her dad said that cant come back . She said that I could come when her parents are gone. So I said ok. And maybe when she prepared she can runway I stared to think I should leave the band but still be in at the same time or the band wouldn't be one direction at all I was still thinking though. When I got home I thought that she can stay here with me and her only. But there was one problem when I go on tour she will be here alone but I was lucky because I don't go on tour for a year and her parents won't look for her. They'll give up at that time but for right now I went to sleep because I was pooped out I hope things will get better tomorrow I hope and wish.
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