As long as you love me

Alyssa is a 19 yeAr old girl that's dating Niall Horan. But what happens when her parents don't like him. Will she run away or not? Read to find out


2. Mall

After a while Willow and Bella finally came " Alyssa!!" They screamed ". Wow I haven't seen you in forever" willow said " it's only been a year willow and Bella" I said. Anyways I we shop for about two or three hours. We all went to lunch " lets go to mc Donald's" Willow yelled" fine " we and Bella said " so Alyssa how's Niall?" Bella asked. That's when I remembered about tonight. Fuck you Bella you made we think of it again.i forgot about it till she brought it up! " um... Good " I said while Willow and Bella talked I just sat there worried until Bella said " let's go Alyssa" " ok" I said. We went to hot topic and forever 21 and inside each place I went there was one direction every were so the more Things I saw the more I got nervous. " guys I need to get a dress for tonight" I said. " ok" they said. I went in a dress place and got a strapless hot pink dress with ruffles at the bottom and got hot pink shoes. I paid for the dress and text Willow that I was going home to get ready got tonight

I got my purse and got out my keys and text my mom that I was coming home

Me: I'm coming home mom. Mom: ok see you sweetheart. Still I was every nervous about tonight but was happy with all my clothes I got and my dress
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