As long as you love me

Alyssa is a 19 yeAr old girl that's dating Niall Horan. But what happens when her parents don't like him. Will she run away or not? Read to find out


4. Love, Hate argument

I woke up to the smell of pancake mm pancakes when I got down stairs I saw my parents talking I couldn't really make out the words that they were saying " hi mom and dad " I said they stopped talking " Alyssa me and your dad. Need to tell you something" " what is it mom" " we don't think you should see Niall anymore" WHAT!!!!" I yelled " sorry he's not good for you " " MOM I LOVE NIALL AND YOU CAN'T DO ANY THING ABOUT!!!" I yelled crying" sorry Alyssa it for your own good"" NO IT NOT FAR!!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs" YOU DON'T RAISE YOUR VOICE AT YOUR MOTHER!" My father screamed " ALYSSA I BET HE DONSEN'T EVEN KNOW ANY THING ABOUT YOU" mom yelled I never seen her so angry " I FUCKING HATE YOU TO" I said crying my heart

I ran out of the house and ran to then park just up the street. I climb a tree and rested on there. It stopped the tears from falling but there was one of big ball in your neck I climb down just walled around when I got a idea it was a prefect but Niall had to agree to help me do the plan. I prayed to god that he said yes please but I need to tell him that my parents don't like him I grabbed my phone I was so happy that i had I didn't want to go back home right now but I need to for the plan but I remembered that Niall had to say yes that put me down of my excitement. After I text Niall I fell asleep on a tree and I hopped to remembered my good plan and to text Niall and hopped that he said yes pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseee say yes!!
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