As long as you love me

Alyssa is a 19 yeAr old girl that's dating Niall Horan. But what happens when her parents don't like him. Will she run away or not? Read to find out


1. Wondering

Alyssa p.o.v

Beep beep beep! " Ugh " I yelled another day of crap. I got up to wake up my little sister Abby. " Abby wake up" I moaned. While she got up I went down stairs to make breakfast for Abby and me. " Abby ate you done yet"?? She's always late. I hate it why do I need to wake her up! My parent are aways at work. That made me remeber what is going to happen tonight my mom and dad are going to met Niall tonight that made my heart skip. After I dropped off Abby at school I came home when I got a text for Niall.

Niall: are excited for tonight? Me: not really a little scared. That they won't like you! Niall: don't worry babe they'll love me! I got to go babe love u. Me: luv u to. All day I was thinking about it when I called my friends Willow and Bella to hang out at the mall at 12:00. I went up stairs took a shower and got dressed I got my phone when I saw the time " SHIT"!!!!! " 12:30 "!!! I grabbed my key ran to my car and went to the mall lucky weren't there. I was so lucky because they hate to wait!!
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