Changing Direction; Harry Styles Fan Fiction

Harry Styles is a big headed, cocky, arrogant, jerk who has let the fame go through his head. Kylie is a normal, friendly school girl, trying to afford college. Once these two are seated next to each other on a plane, she immediately hates him and never wants to see him again. Must to her dissappointment, faith has other plans. Can Kylie help Harry change direction?


1. Changing Direction.

Harry Styles ignores fans in New York City

I shook my head in disgust and threw the magazine back on the table. Celebrities like him always bothered me. Their fans are the ones who helped them get to where they are and they decide to ignore them because they think they are so much better than everyone else. The least he could do is sign a autograph or snap a quick photo, but no, he just keeps walking.

My butt came in contact with the cushiony, brown leather couch that was planted in front of my television. Once the television was turned on, my eyes were looking at a pretty blonde. Although her face was caked in makeup and her boobs were practically falling out of her shirt, she was pretty. Her red stained lips began to talk as a picture of Harry Styles pooped up in the corner of the screen.

"Harry Styles was seen ignoring his fans in New York City. Directioners are starting to notice that this has become a regular thing with the pop star himself and are curious to know why he has been ignoring his fans. What do you think? Do you think Harry's ego is becoming bigger?" After chuckling, I quickly shut it off. I didn't want to hear another thing about him. He is rude and ungrateful for everything that has happened to him.

I pulled my iPhone out from my back pocket and checked the time; 3:37. A sigh escaped my lips as I stood off the couch, the cold air hit my bum and back as I shivered.

My suitcase was sitting next to the door, all packed and ready to go. I slipped on my black jacket and took hold of the suitcase and walked outside of my house. The cab I had called earlier was already waiting out there while I ran up and told him that I needed to go to the airport.

Holmes Chapel, here I come.

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