We meet again ( a zayn Malik love story)

Megan campbell is an ordanairy 19 year old girl but she used to be best friends with zayn Malik of one direction. Zayn and Megan were really close friends zayn had her back Megan had his. But when zayn left to auditon for the x factor he left and didnt say goodbye to Megan. About a year later Megan runs into zayn while he's on tour. But will Zayn recognize zayn?


1. Seeing zayn again

Megan's pov
Zayn? Zayn where are you! I screamed through an empty house. I sat down out side his house and sobbed my best friend had left and I was all alone.

I snap back into reality and pushed the thoughts of zayn out of my head and stepped into the elevator at the hotel that me And my school were staying at for a field trip. When I stepped into the elevator I pushed the button for the floor I was staying at. As the door began to close I heard a voice yelling don't close it wait!!! I opened the door and saw a person I didn't expect to see. Zayn Malik my former best Friend. My eyes grew wide and I started to push the button that would close it but he squeezed through the gap before it closed. Hey didn't you hear me say don't close it? He asked. No I didn't I had my headphones on sorry I say. It's ok he said. There was a silence for a while until he spoke. So you go to Bradford high school? he said. Oh yeah how did you know? I ask. Your sweatshirt says Bradford high school he said. Oh yeah I say. I used to go there it was a great school! He said. Yeah it's amazing I say holding back tears. I can't believe that the guy I knew since 5th grade doesn't even reamber me I thought. Yeah it is but I left to audition for the x factor and now I'm in a band called one direction he said.oh that must be Fun I say. Yeah I'm zayn by the way he said.holding his hand out so I could shake it. Nice to meet you I'm Megan I say shaking his hand. As the door opened on my floor I step out and started heading to the room I was staying in. It was nice meeting you Megan said zayn. I smiled at him as the door closed I whispered it was nice meeting you again...
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